Bring your past visitors back and convert them into customers
Generally, 97% of shoppers leave your website before buying. Dynamic retargeting will help you re-engage with your past visitors and bring them back to your website.
How Does Dynamic Retargeting Work?
1.Shopper visits your website
A visitor comes to your store and views a few products.
2.Leaves your website without a purchase
Having looked through a few products, the visitor leaves your website without making a purchase.
3.Sees your ad on the internet
Soon after leaving your website, they will start seeing your ads featuring the exact products they were interested in.
4.Clicks your ad and makes a purchase
Your past visitor clicks your ad, returns to your store, and looks through a few products again. Since they’re already familiar with your store, the chance they’ll buy is much higher this time.
Start winning back your visitors right away!
What Will The Ads Look Like?
  • Your ads are generated automatically based on your product feed. You don’t have to create the ads yourself.
  • Each ad will contain your logo, the product image, name, price, and a call-to-action button.
  • You can configure the look and feel of the ad creative to match your brand identity. This lets your past visitors easily recognize you when they browse the internet.
Where Will the Ads Be Displayed?
We cooperate with the largest third-party networks, enabling us to access a vast number of websites worldwide. This makes it possible for Rontar to return and convert as many of your website’s visitors as possible.
Convert non-purchasing visitors into customers by starting a retargeting campaign
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see what our customers have to say
We finally settled on the option with Rontar after a few months of exploring alternative platforms for our Google Ads retargeting. Rontar is super easy to use and the results we have gotten so far have been amazing. All the orders coming through Rontar can easily be tracked through their IDs too. The Rontar support team has also been extremely helpful in getting us set up, fixing bugs and answering all of our queries as promptly as possible.
Qamar Aftab
Co-Founder and CEO, Export Leftovers
At we have been using Rontar for a while and we couldn't be happier. Our ROI is up to 1382% and is still growing!!

Why you should consider Rontar?

– Easy to implement
– Account manager dedicated to you
– Easy to track and customize
João Ribeiro
Chief Marketing Officer & Growth, Forall Phones
Incredible app. This is the type of forward thinking that most developers lack on so many fronts. It is smart to bring people in with a free component so you can show your talents and build a long lasting relationship with the merchant. This app has the automatization and results for you to focus on what you are good at as a merchant. Well done to Olga and her team!
K.A. McLean
President, Buy Beauty Group
Rontar is an exceptional app, primarily because it's such an easy way to retarget visitors on the general web. It took me about five minutes to set up, including add creation, and I have had very impressive results in the two month. My experience with other ad providers was much more complicated and confusing. Rontar makes it easy, and the support team is very responsive and knowledgable.
Edmund D. Leddy
Owner/Operator, The Steampunk Archipelago
Seamlessly Integrate With Your Platform
The integration usually takes from a few clicks to a few minutes