elo has generated over 19,000 sales with Rontar retargeting ads

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Faisalabad, Pakistan


elo is the number 1 online clothing retailer in Pakistan.

What began with a 2-member team in December 2013 eventually grew to become one of the biggest E-commerce stores in Pakistan and now operates with over 100 factories across Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and Vietnam. elo has served more than half a million customers since its inception and was recently featured in the top 100 startups of the country.


Nowadays elo is investing a lot of money in promoting their website online. This includes search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, etc. This helps elo bring a lot of quality traffic to their website. Today, according to Similarweb, elo has more than 400,000 unique visitors monthly to its website.

That’s why it’s even more troubling to know that just 3% of visitors convert on the first visit.

Marketers from elo were looking for a way to bring back non-converting visitors. As a secondary objective, they wanted to increase brand awareness and loyalty among the same target group.


Considering elo’s main objectives, we decided to start a dynamic retargeting campaign for the store. With dynamic retargeting in place, we can show all the store’s past visitors ads with products they were interested in. This helps return them to the site and convert a significant portion of the target group. All the ads contain elo’s logo and branded colors which helps elo increase brand awareness among their target audience.

The customer has been with us since February 2018. During this period, Rontar retargeting ads have helped elo generate more than 19,000 sales and about $170,000 in revenue. The ROI has reached 370% and is holding.

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Website visits to date
Conversions generated
We finally settled on the option with Rontar after a few months of exploring alternative platforms for our Google Ads retargeting. Rontar is super easy to use and the results we have gotten so far have been amazing. All the orders coming through Rontar can easily be tracked through their IDs too. The Rontar support team has also been extremely helpful in getting us set up, fixing bugs and answering all of our queries as promptly as possible.
Qamar Aftab
Co-Founder and CEO, Export Leftovers
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