The Steampunk Archipelago has grown from $25 to $1,820 in sales with just a few clicks of the mouse

The Steampunk Archipelago
Number of employees
Miami, USA


The Steampunk Archipelago specializes in and offers a unique steampunk, gothic, and skullicious fashion collection that is truly one-of-a-kind and impossible to duplicate. The store stocks a large range of motorcycle helmets, leather jackets and accessories with the aim of providing motorcycle riders with the best brands of apparel and riding gear at cost-effective rates.


On average, just 3% of shoppers convert on the first visit. The other 97% leave without ever coming back.

In an attempt to fix these statistics, the founders of The Steampunk Archipelago were looking for a way to bring back non-converting visitors. As a secondary objective, they wanted to increase brand awareness and loyalty among the same target group.


Considering the challenge, The Steampunk Archipelago decided to start a dynamic retargeting campaign with Rontar and chose the Free Forever pricing plan. On this plan, the maximum number of impressions you can get daily is limited to just 100. The maximum number of impressions you can make also limits the number of clicks, and ultimately the sales/revenue you can get from using Rontar.

While the Free Forever plan is more than sufficient if you’re just starting and getting only 10-20 visitors daily to your website, it may strongly limit your retargeting campaign potential if you’re getting 50-100 visitors a day or even more.

Results on the Free Forever plan

The customer started a retargeting campaign with Rontar on April 4th, 2019. In the 6 days before they switched to the Starter plan, they had received 3 clicks, 1 conversion, and $25 in revenue.

Results on the Starter plan

On April 10th the customer switched to the Starter plan ($60/month) where the maximum number of impressions you can get daily is limited to 1,000. Within the next 60 days the customer received 146 clicks, 8 conversions, and $1,820 in revenue.


While the Free Forever plan is a natural way to start retargeting, in most cases it’s possible to get much more from your retargeting campaign. You could try upgrading to a higher plan to see where it goes. If it doesn’t work out for you, you can always revert back to a lower plan.

To see if it makes sense to upgrade to a higher pricing plan, please go to the Billing page in Rontar and use the visitor slider to select your number of visitors. The recommended plan will differ in accordance with that number.

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Rontar is an exceptional app, primarily because it's such an easy way to retarget visitors on the general web. It took me about five minutes to set up, including add creation, and I have had very impressive results in the two month. My experience with other ad providers was much more complicated and confusing. Rontar makes it easy, and the support team is very responsive and knowledgable.
Edmund D. Leddy
Owner/Operator, The Steampunk Archipelago
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