10 Synonyms for “Thank You for Your Quick Response” in an Email

In emails, saying “Thank you for your quick response” is a common way to show appreciation. But, using the same phrase over and over can get boring.

To keep your emails fresh and engaging, we’ve listed 10 different ways to express your gratitude for a speedy reply. Each alternative is explained in detail, so you can choose the right one for your next email.

Is It Professional to Say “Thank You for Your Quick Response”?

Yes, it is professional, formal or informal depending on the context, and polite to say “thank you for your quick response” in email communication. This phrase shows appreciation for the recipient’s prompt reply, encouraging a culture of respect and acknowledgment in professional settings. It’s suitable for use in various situations, whether the response was expected for a job-related query, feedback request, or any urgent communication that needed a swift reply.

Here are the types of situations where this phrase can be particularly beneficial:

  • Following up on job applications or interviews.
  • Seeking urgent information or clarification on projects.
  • Any professional exchange where timeliness significantly impacts your work.

An example of this phrase used in an email:

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for the information provided in your previous email.

Thank you for your quick response; it has allowed us to move forward with the next steps seamlessly.

Best regards,

Here are the pros and cons of using this phrase:


  • Shows gratitude and appreciation, which can strengthen professional relationships.
  • Encourages prompt replies in future communications.
  • Reflects well on your professional etiquette.


  • Can be overused, reducing its impact over time.
  • May not seem sincere if used too frequently in non-urgent situations.

While the phrase “thank you for your quick response” is widely accepted and appreciated, there may be times when someone might want to use an alternative. This could be because they wish to vary their language to keep their emails feeling fresh and sincere. Using synonyms or alternatives can also help match the tone more closely with the specific relationship you have with the recipient or the context of the communication. Exploring alternative phrases can help ensure your gratitude doesn’t become repetitive or seem automated.

10 Other Ways to Say “Thank You for Your Quick Response” in an Email

Looking for a fresh way to express gratitude for a swift reply? Here are ten alternatives that keep your messages feeling genuine and professional.

  1. I appreciate your promptness.
  2. Thanks for the rapid reply.
  3. Grateful for your swift response.
  4. Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
  5. Your quick reply is highly appreciated.
  6. Thank you for the speedy response.
  7. I’m thankful for your fast reply.
  8. Thanks for the quick turnaround.
  9. Your rapid response is much appreciated.
  10. Thanks for being so prompt.

1. I appreciate your promptness.

This alternative is just as polite and professional as the original phrase. It focuses more on the action (the promptness) than the person’s reply. This slight shift highlights the value of the response time rather than the content of the reply itself.

It’s better suited for situations where you want to emphasize timeliness as a crucial aspect of the communication process. For example, when promptness significantly aids in project progress or decision-making.

Dear Marcus,

I reached out earlier regarding the quarterly budget adjustments.

I appreciate your promptness in this matter, allowing us to finalize the budget on time.


2. Thanks for the rapid reply.

This synonym maintains a professional tone, while being a bit more informal than the original phrase. It’s a good choice for when you wish to express gratitude more casually while still recognizing the effort of quick correspondence.

This phrase works well in less formal exchanges or within teams that value a more casual communication style. It’s ideal when acknowledging quick replies that help maintain project momentum.

Dear Alex,

Your insights on the project plan were spot on.

Thanks for the rapid reply; it helped clarify the next steps brilliantly.


3. Grateful for your swift response.

This alternative emphasizes gratitude explicitly, making it slightly more personal than the original. It’s equally polite and fits both formal and informal situations depending on the email’s overall tone.

Best for when you want to convey a deeper sense of appreciation for someone’s effort to reply quickly, especially in circumstances where their response has notably positive impacts.

Dear Sophia,

I'm planning the team meeting agenda and needed your input on the project timelines.

Grateful for your swift response; it's been incredibly helpful.


4. Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

This alternative is a bit more elaborate and emphasizes the gratitude aspect, making it feel very polite and professional. It directly acknowledges the efficiency of the respondent.

Suitable for interactions where a rapid reply might not have been expected but was highly valuable. It’s ideal for thanking colleagues or clients who have gone out of their way to provide information promptly.

Dear Olivia,

I was concerned about the details for the upcoming conference.

Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly; your information cleared up all my questions.

Best wishes,

5. Your quick reply is highly appreciated.

This phrase is formal and places strong emphasis on appreciation, making it perfect for professional contexts. It conveys respect and gratitude for the recipient’s efficiency.

This is better suited for formal emails where you want to underline the value of the recipient’s response without sounding too casual. It is particularly effective in higher-stakes communications where timeliness is critical.

Dear Harrison,

We needed that contract review to proceed with the project planning.

Your quick reply is highly appreciated; it keeps our timeline on track.


6. Thank you for the speedy response.

This version is closely aligned with the original phrase but adds a dash of warmth. It’s polite and professional, suitable for most email correspondences.

It shines in situations where quick feedback can significantly improve the workflow or when responding under tight deadlines. It’s a good all-rounder for acknowledging swift communication.

Dear Julian,

The document you requested is attached.

Thank you for the speedy response; it greatly aids in our efficiency.

Kind regards,

7. I’m thankful for your fast reply.

This synonym introduces a personal touch by using “I’m thankful,” making it feel sincere. It’s both professional and polite, but with a slightly more informal edge.

It’s particularly effective in emails between colleagues or in less formal working environments. This phrase is ideal when you want to personalize your appreciation for quick replies.

Dear Logan,

Could you provide the latest updates on the marketing campaign?

I'm thankful for your fast reply; it helps me coordinate our next steps more effectively.


8. Thanks for the quick turnaround.

This alternative has a mix of informal energy and professional respect, making it versatile for various settings. It particularly highlights the efficiency of the person replying.

Recommended when the situation involves quick revisions, updates, or decisions. It’s suitable for team environments where fast-paced work is common and highly valued.

Dear Liam,

Your modifications to the design were exactly what was needed.

Thanks for the quick turnaround; it pushed the project forward significantly.

Warm regards,

9. Your rapid response is much appreciated.

This phrase is very formal and emphasizes the appreciation aspect strongly, making it perfect for professional contexts where timely replies are especially impactful.

This is appropriate for correspondences that involve clients or superiors, where acknowledging their effort to respond quickly can foster good relationships and show respect for their time.

Dear Amelia,

Following your guidelines, I've completed the requested analysis.

Your rapid response is much appreciated; it has been invaluable for our progress.

Yours faithfully,

10. Thanks for being so prompt.

This phrase is somewhat informal, but still maintains a level of professionalism and politeness. It’s a more casual way to say thank you, suitable for everyday workplace communications.

We recommend this for use among team members or in situations where there’s an established rapport. It’s great for encouraging a friendly and efficient back-and-forth within teams or with familiar contacts.

Dear Isaac,

Please see the updated meeting agenda attached for your review.

Thanks for being so prompt; your efficiency helps keep us all on schedule.


Final Thoughts

Choosing the right way to say thank you in emails is more important than you might think. It not only shows your appreciation but also reflects your professionalism and attention to detail.

With the 10 alternatives we’ve shared, you have plenty of options to keep your email replies fresh and engaging. Remember, the best choice depends on your relationship with the receiver and the context of your conversation. Don’t be afraid to mix and match these phrases to suit your needs. After all, a little variety can go a long way in maintaining good communication and relationships in the professional world.

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