10 Professional Ways to Say “I Forwarded the Email” (With Samples)

Sometimes, we need to forward emails to the right people. Saying “I forwarded the email” might seem straightforward, but there are many other ways to convey this message.

This article explores 10 professional alternatives to use in your workplace emails, providing examples and situations where each could be the best fit.

Is It Professional to Say “I Forwarded the Email”?

Using the phrase “I forwarded the email” can be seen as professional, formal or informal, and polite, depending on the context of its use and the tone of the overall message. It is especially suitable in situations where clarity is needed to confirm an action has been taken, such as forwarding important information to a colleague or supervisor.

This phrase works well when communicating with peers, managers, and in some cases, external partners, as long as the email maintains a professional tone overall.

Email example:

Hi Mark,

Just letting you know that I forwarded the email containing the project details to our design team.

Best regards,

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of using this phrase:


  • It directly communicates the action taken.
  • It is concise and to the point.
  • It’s clear and leaves little room for misunderstanding.


  • It might seem too brief or informal in certain professional contexts.
  • Without additional information, it can lack warmth or personalization.
  • It might be perceived as blunt or overly simplistic for complex situations.

While “I forwarded the email” is a straightforward and effective way to communicate, one might consider using an alternative phrase to add more context or personalization, especially if the situation calls for a more detailed explanation or if the email is going to someone of high professional standing.

10 Other Ways to Say “I Forwarded the Email”

Looking for different ways to convey that you’ve forwarded an email? Here are 10 professional alternatives to use:

  1. I’ve sent the email along.
  2. The email has been passed on.
  3. I’ve relayed the message.
  4. The email is now with the intended recipient.
  5. I’ve shared the email as requested.
  6. Email forwarded as directed.
  7. I dispatched the email to the concerned party.
  8. The necessary email has been redirected.
  9. I’ve moved the email to the relevant person.
  10. Email has been circulated as needed.

1. I’ve sent the email along

This alternative is slightly less formal than the original, giving off a friendlier vibe while remaining professional. It implies a proactive approach to sharing information. It’s ideal for internal emails within a company and suitable for messages to colleagues or team members who are expecting the information.

This version works especially well in less formal corporate environments or when the information being shared is not sensitive. It suggests efficiency and action without being too casual.


Dear Jim,

Just a quick note to let you know that I've sent the email along to our accounting department for immediate action.


2. The email has been passed on

This phrase is a bit more formal and passive. It effectively communicates the action without specifying who performed it, making it suitable for professional settings where the focus is on the action taken rather than on the individual. This option is great for communication with clients or external partners.

We recommend using this alternative in scenarios where maintaining a level of formality and detachment is necessary. It’s also useful when you want to ensure the focus remains on the progress of tasks or information rather than on personal involvement.


Dear Ms. Thompson,

I wanted to confirm that the email has been passed on to our support team for further assistance.

Warm regards,

3. I’ve relayed the message

This alternative implies direct action and is both professional and polite. It is highly effective for internal and external communication, particularly when you want to emphasize the effort made to ensure the message reaches the right person.

It is especially appropriate in situations where the information is of significant importance or urgency. This phrase can be used with both superiors and peers, making it versatile across various communication channels.


Hello Lisa,

Just to let you know, I've relayed the message to the marketing team as we discussed.


4. The email is now with the intended recipient

This phrase is more formal and contains a degree of finality, ensuring that the recipient understands the email has successfully reached its destination. It’s particularly suited for situations where there’s a need to confirm the completion of a task.

We recommend this alternative when it’s essential to reassure the recipient about the email’s delivery, especially in scenarios involving important documents or sensitive information. This wording is appropriate for both internal and external correspondences.


Dear Brenda,

I'm writing to inform you that the email is now with the intended recipient.


5. I’ve shared the email as requested

This alternative is both professional and polite, implying that the forwarding action was in response to a specific request. It helps reinforce the notion of compliance with a request, making it excellent for interactions where follow-up on instructions is crucial.

It is best used when there is a need to document that a task was completed as directed, suitable for communications with colleagues, superiors, or clients who requested the information be forwarded.


Hi Kevin,

I wanted to confirm that I've shared the email as requested with our legal team for review.


6. Email forwarded as directed

This phrase is straightforward and professional, directly indicating that an instruction has been followed. It’s especially useful in formal communications where there is a clear chain of command, such as between managers and subordinates, ensuring accountability and clarity in task execution.

This alternative is ideal when the email forwarding needs to be mentioned as part of fulfilling a specific directive or instruction, whether for internal review processes or in correspondence involving project updates.


Dear Alex,

Confirming that the email forwarded as directed to the project team for immediate implementation.

Kind regards,

7. I dispatched the email to the concerned party

This version is more formal and slightly archaic but still professional, suggesting a more deliberate action of sending information. It works well in contexts where you wish to emphasize the precision and importance of the email sent.

Suitable for use in formal correspondences, especially with external parties or in situations where the email contains significant content such as contracts, policy changes, or other key communications. It implies careful handling and targeted delivery.


Dear Ms. Rivera,

Please be advised that I dispatched the email to the concerned party as per our earlier discussion.

Yours sincerely,

8. The necessary email has been redirected

This phrase is professional and specifies that not just any email, but a particularly necessary one has been sent where it needs to go. It’s excellent for situations where it’s crucial to highlight the importance of the email that was forwarded.

Appropriate for communications that need to assure the recipient of the prioritization and proper handling of essential information, making it great for use with both internal and external stakeholders.


Hello Janet,

To keep you updated, the necessary email has been redirected to our compliance department for further review.


9. I’ve moved the email to the relevant person

This alternative is straightforward, professional, and suggests a more personalized action in ensuring the email reaches the specific individual best suited to address its contents. It’s great for internal company emails where collaboration and delegation are common.

It’s particularly well-suited for instances where the forwarding action is part of a collaborative effort or when ensuring that tasks are being delegated properly. This phrase can comfortably fit into emails sent across various levels of hierarchy within an organization.


Hi Trevor,

I wanted to let you know that I've moved the email to the relevant person in our HR department for immediate attention.


10. Email has been circulated as needed

This phrase is both professional and implies a broader distribution, making it most suitable for emails that involve updates or information relevant to a wide audience. It’s perfect for use in environments where information frequently needs to be shared among multiple departments or teams.

This alternative works best when the email’s content is intended for group awareness rather than for action by a specific individual. It’s appropriate for general announcements, project updates, or any communication intended for a wide internal audience.


Dear Team,

I hope this message finds you well. Please note that the email has been circulated as needed to ensure everyone is informed about the upcoming changes in our operation hours.

Warm regards,

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right words to say you’ve forwarded an email can impact how your message is received. The alternatives provided here aim to match different workplace scenarios, showing you can be professional while also adapting to the situation. Whether you’re dealing with colleagues, superiors, or clients, using the appropriate phrase ensures clarity and keeps communication smooth.

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