10 Other Ways to Say “Enjoy Your Stay”

Welcoming guests in a fresh and memorable way can make a big difference in their experience.

This article lists ten alternatives to the phrase “Enjoy your stay” that you can use in professional emails. Each alternative helps to express good wishes in a way that feels personal and caring.

Is It Correct to Say “Enjoy Your Stay”?

Yes, it is correct to say “Enjoy your stay.” This phrase is seen as professional, formal or informal depending on the context, and it is always polite. It’s a versatile greeting used in many hospitality-related scenarios. It fits perfectly when addressing guests in hotels, resorts, or guesthouses, serving as a warm wish for a pleasant experience during their visit.

This phrase can be used in spoken conversations, emails, and written notes. The preference for using “Enjoy your stay” in an email adds a personal touch that can set a positive tone for the recipient’s experience.

Here’s a short example:

Dear Mrs. Thompson,

We are thrilled to welcome you to SeaView Resort. Your oceanfront suite is ready for your arrival, and we have arranged a complimentary welcome basket for you to enjoy.

Should you need anything during your stay, please feel free to reach out to our front desk.

Enjoy your stay!

Warm regards,
Emily Carter
Guest Relations Manager
SeaView Resort


  • Conveys a warm, welcoming sentiment to the guest.
  • Enhances the overall guest experience by setting a positive tone.
  • Shows the host’s consideration for the guest’s comfort and enjoyment.


  • Can be seen as generic or impersonal if overused in every communication.
  • May not stand out to guests who frequently travel and stay at various accommodations.

Sometimes, individuals might look for synonyms or alternatives to “Enjoy your stay” to add variety to their communication or to make their message stand out more.

10 Other Ways to Say “Enjoy Your Stay”

Looking for a fresh way to convey your warm wishes to guests? Here are ten common alternatives that carry the same welcoming essence as “Enjoy your stay” and fit nicely into professional emails within a workplace environment:

  1. Have a great stay
  2. Wishing you a pleasant stay
  3. Hope you have a comfortable stay
  4. Enjoy your visit
  5. May your stay be enjoyable
  6. Have a wonderful time
  7. Looking forward to making your stay memorable
  8. Hope you find your stay pleasing
  9. Make yourself at home
  10. Trust you’ll enjoy your time with us

1. Have a great stay

This alternative is more informal and carries a friendly tone, making it suitable for hospitality settings that aim to establish a relaxed atmosphere. It conveys a heartfelt wish for the guest’s enjoyment and comfort.

It’s perfect for correspondence with individuals or families looking for a leisurely experience. This message can be used in emails or messages sent by hotels or rental services aiming for a friendly connection. We recommend it for communications where building a rapport with the guest is essential.

Email sample:

Dear Alex and Sam,

Thank you for choosing The Green Getaway for your weekend retreat. We have prepared your cabin with care and attention to ensure your comfort during your stay.

Have a great stay,

Mia and Tom
The Green Getaway

2. Wishing you a pleasant stay

This phrase is slightly more formal than “Enjoy your stay,” offering wishes for a pleasant experience in a courteous manner. It’s suitable for professional environments that still aim to convey warmth and hospitality.

This alternative is ideal for guests who are on business trips or attending conferences, as it maintains a professional yet kind tone. It works well in email confirmations or welcome messages sent by hotels or guesthouses. We recommend this for professional yet friendly communications.


Dear Mr. Johnson,

Welcome to Cityscape Business Suites. Your room, equipped with all the necessary amenities for a business traveler, awaits you.

Wishing you a pleasant stay,

Lisa Grant
Front Desk Manager
Cityscape Business Suites

3. Hope you have a comfortable stay

This option combines wishes for comfort with a personalized touch, making it polite and considerate. It subtly assures the guest that their comfort is a priority, enhancing customer care quality.

Suited for guests that value comfort above all, whether they’re families or traveling for medical reasons. This message can be effectively used in emails sent from boutique hotels or specialized accommodation like healthcare lodging. It’s ideal when emphasizing premium comfort and care.

Email example:

Dear Vanessa,

As you settle into our Healing Haven, we want to ensure your utmost comfort during your stay, especially during this healing journey.

Hope you have a comfortable stay,

Healing Haven Guest Relations

4. Enjoy your visit

This phrasing is versatile, leaning towards a casual but welcoming tone. It’s broadly applicable, suggesting that the visitor should enjoy not only their stay but the entire visit to the area.

Great for tourists or individuals looking to explore the attractions around their accommodation. This alternative fits into emails and messages from city hotels or tourism boards that encourage guests to experience local culture and sights. It’s meant for communications aiming to enhance the guest’s overall experience.

Here’s an example:

Dear Marcus,

Your city adventure begins at Urban Escape! We've curated a guide to our city's hidden gems and must-see landmarks for you.

Enjoy your visit,

Urban Escape Concierge

5. May your stay be enjoyable

This option is slightly more formal and traditional, presenting a polite and respectful wish for the guest’s experience. It instills a sense of care and thoughtfulness into the message.

It’s especially suitable for high-end accommodations or instances where maintaining a tone of elegance and respect is key. This synonym can be used in communications with guests attending formal events or staying in luxury accommodations. We recommend it for messages where a touch of formality enhances the guest’s perception of their stay.


Dear Helena,

As we prepare for your arrival at Grandeur Manor, we anticipate providing you with an unparalleled experience of luxury and comfort.

May your stay be enjoyable,

Grandeur Manor Concierge

6. Have a wonderful time

This alternative to “Enjoy your stay” feels more personal and is equally warm. It’s a synonym that communicates a sincere wish for the guest’s enjoyment and satisfaction. This phrase can easily be tailored to suit different types of communication and audiences.

It is particularly well-suited for more informal settings or when you have a familiar relationship with the recipient. This makes it great for messages sent via email, social media, or even in person. When aiming for a relaxed and friendly tone, we recommend using this phrase. It assures guests that their comfort and happiness are a priority.

Here is a sample email:

Dear Alex,

Just wanted to say we're thrilled to have you with us this coming week. Have a wonderful time, and don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything.

Best wishes,
Mia and the Team

7. Looking forward to making your stay memorable

This phrase goes beyond a simple wish for enjoyment; it implies a commitment to actively contribute to the guest’s positive experience. It suggests a more proactive approach and is a synonym for offering exceptional hospitality.

This alternative is perfect in professional contexts where the goal is to reassure clients or guests of the high-quality service they can expect. It works well in emails, promotional materials, or welcome packets. It conveys a sense of responsibility and eagerness to ensure the guest’s stay is not just enjoyable but memorable. We recommend this for businesses aiming to emphasize their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Here is a sample email:

Dear Ms. Rivera,

We are delighted you've chosen our hotel for your upcoming visit. Looking forward to making your stay memorable. Please let us know if there's anything specific you need.

Warm regards,
The Grand Hotel Team

8. Hope you find your stay pleasing

This alternative is a more subdued and formal way of expressing the same sentiment. It is suitable as a synonym for wishing well but carries a slightly more reserved tone. It’s ideal for use when you don’t know the recipient well or in more formal communications.

Best used in professional and formal contexts, such as in emails to new clients or customers whom you wish to impress while maintaining a respectful distance. This phrase assures recipients of your good wishes for their stay without assuming familiarity. It subtly conveys a hope for their satisfaction, making it perfect for formal letters and professional emails.

Here is a sample email:

Dear Mr. Thompson,

Thank you for choosing us for your accommodations. Hope you find your stay pleasing, and please feel free to contact our front desk for any assistance.

Eleanor and the Customer Service Team

9. Make yourself at home

This is a friendly and inviting alternative that suggests comfort and ease. It is synonymous with offering a warm welcome and ensuring guests feel relaxed and at ease, just as they would at home.

This phrase is especially appropriate in informal or semi-formal settings, including guest houses, Airbnb messages, or when hosting friends and family. It communicates an open, inviting atmosphere where guests can relax fully. For personal emails or messages, this alternative conveys warmth and hospitality, encouraging guests to feel comfortable and supported.


Hi Jordan,

We're so happy you're spending the weekend with us! Make yourself at home and let us know if you need anything.

Sam and Jamie

10. Trust you’ll enjoy your time with us

This phrase is an optimistic and courteous way to express hope that the guest’s stay will be enjoyable. It’s a synonym for wishing someone a pleasant stay, with a slightly more formal tone that conveys confidence in the quality of the guest’s experience.

This alternative is suitable for both professional and informal settings, depending on the relationship with the guest or the nature of the service provided. It’s excellent for emails and written communications where you want to appear confident yet polite. For businesses, it reassures guests of their commitment to quality service, while for personal invitations, it expresses a sincere hope for a pleasant visit.


Dear Carol,

It’s a pleasure to welcome you next month. Trust you’ll enjoy your time with us, and we’re here to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

The Lakeside Inn Team

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right way to wish guests a good stay is key to making them feel welcome and valued. The ten alternatives provided offer a variety of tones, from formal to informal, ensuring there’s a suitable option for every setting. Using these phrases in your communications can help create a positive impression that lasts beyond their visit.

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