10 Other Ways to Say “Thank You for Lunch” (With Samples)

Expressing gratitude after a shared meal is not just polite, but it also helps strengthen professional relationships. Saying “Thank you for lunch” is a common way to show appreciation, but sometimes, you might want to use different words to convey your gratitude.

In this article, we list 10 alternatives to this phrase that are suitable for professional emails. These options will help you tailor your message to fit the situation and your relationship with the recipient.

Is It Professional to Say “Thank You for Lunch”?

Saying “thank you for lunch” is professional, formal or informal depending on the context, and undeniably polite. This phrase is a simple and direct way to express gratitude, fostering good relationships whether in a business setting or between friends.

It is suitable for a wide range of situations, such as following a business meeting, a casual lunch with a colleague, or even after a job interview if the interviewer treated you to a meal. Depending on the recipient, this phrase can be effectively used in emails, handwritten notes, or even in face-to-face communication.

Email example:

Hi Alice,

Thank you for lunch today! It was great to catch up and discuss our plans. Looking forward to our next meeting.

Best regards,

Pros and cons of saying “Thank you for lunch”:


  • Shows appreciation and gratitude.
  • Strengthens relationships and fosters a positive environment.
  • Can be used in both professional and personal contexts.


  • May seem too formal or outdated in very casual or close relationships.
  • In certain contexts, it could be perceived as perfunctory if not accompanied by more personalized sentiments.

While expressing gratitude with “thank you for lunch” is universally accepted, someone might look for alternative phrases to add variety or match the level of familiarity between the persons involved. Alternatives may also be sought to convey a more specific type of gratitude.

10 Other Ways to Say “Thank You for Lunch”

Looking to switch up how you express gratitude for lunch? Here are ten alternatives that keep the message professional and polite:

  1. Thanks for the meal.
  2. Appreciate the lunch.
  3. Grateful for our lunch meeting.
  4. Lunch was on point, thanks!
  5. Thanks for the great conversation and lunch.
  6. Really enjoyed lunch, thank you.
  7. Thank you for the lunch treat.
  8. The lunch was delightful, thanks.
  9. Thank you for lunch and your time today.
  10. Lunch was amazing, thanks for everything!

1. Thanks for the meal.

This alternative keeps the message concise and is slightly more informal than the original phrase. It implies a level of familiarity and comfort with the recipient. It still maintains a professional tone but in a more relaxed setting.

This phrase is better suited for less formal or slightly informal work environments. It works well when expressing gratitude to colleagues or clients you share a friendly rapport with, particularly in emails or team messaging apps.


Hi Sam,

Just wanted to say, thanks for the meal today. It was a fantastic choice of restaurant and talking through the project details was incredibly helpful.


2. Appreciate the lunch.

This synonym conveys gratitude succinctly and is versatile for both formal and informal situations. It is direct and polite, making it suitable for professional settings.

Use this when you want to acknowledge someone’s effort without overdoing it. Ideal for emails to supervisors or clients after a lunch meeting, it maintains politeness and respect in the communication.


Dear Max,

I truly appreciate the lunch we had today. Your insights on the project were enlightening.


3. Grateful for our lunch meeting.

This option adds a touch of formality and shows not just appreciation for the meal, but also the meeting itself. It’s a great way to emphasize the value of the conversation and connection made during the lunch.

Perfect for when you’ve had a lunch meeting that was particularly productive or meaningful. This alternative is well-suited for emails to mentors, higher-ups, or new clients, especially in more formal professional contexts.


Hello Janet,

Just wanted to express how grateful for our lunch meeting I am. Looking forward to collaborating closely on this project.


4. Lunch was on point, thanks!

This phrase is decidedly more informal and adds a fun element to your thanks. It’s suitable when the lunch was not just about business but also about bonding over good food.

This is an excellent choice for a more relaxed email to a colleague or team member who has chosen a great place or ordered in for the team. It conveys appreciation in a friendly and light-hearted manner.


Hey Jordan,

Lunch was on point, thanks! We should make this a regular thing.


5. Thanks for the great conversation and lunch.

This alternative highlights the importance of both the meal and the conversation, making it a polite yet thoughtful way to express gratitude. It’s slightly longer but very effective in showing genuine appreciation.

It’s particularly fitting after a meeting where the discussion was as valuable as the meal. A great option for emails to partners or clients where you want to emphasize the quality of both the conversation and the cuisine.


Dear Oliver,

I wanted to extend my gratitude for today. Thanks for the great conversation and lunch; both were thoroughly enjoyable.


6. Really enjoyed lunch, thank you.

This saying is straightforward and conveys enjoyment beyond the mere act of eating. It adds a personal touch, implying that the company was as enjoyable as the meal itself. It’s both professional and polite, suitable for a wide range of recipients.

Use this phrase when you want to reflect on the positive experience of the lunch, not just the meal. Ideal for follow-up emails to colleagues or clients after a particularly enjoyable lunch where the conversation flowed as freely as the food.


Hi Leslie,

I really enjoyed lunch, thank you. Looking forward to our next catch-up.


7. Thank you for the lunch treat.

This alternative nicely balances formality with a sense of warmth and gratitude. It suggests that lunch was not just a meal, but a treat, adding a level of appreciation for the gesture.

This is suited for when someone has gone out of their way to organize a special lunch or treat you to something out of the ordinary. Perfect for expressing gratitude to employers or clients in a professional, yet cordial email.


Dear Gregory,

I wanted to say a special thank you for the lunch treat. It was a delightful break from the usual.

Kind regards,

8. The lunch was delightful, thanks.

This phrasing is cheerful and appreciative, emphasizing the pleasure derived from the lunch. It’s both polite and professional, making it versatile for various professional contexts.

Better suited for when the meal or the ambiance was particularly enjoyable or noteworthy. A good choice for follow-up messages to hosts after a business luncheon or a meal at a notable restaurant.


Hello Ava,

The lunch was delightful, thanks. Your choice of restaurant was impeccable.

Best wishes,

9. Thank you for lunch and your time today.

This version extends gratitude beyond the meal to acknowledge the value of the person’s time. It’s a polite and considerate phrase that hints at the professional significance of the meeting.

Great for after significant meetings where discussions may have extended beyond lunch into broader topics. It’s especially fitting for emails to mentors, senior colleagues, or clients to show your appreciation for both their insights and the meal.


Hello Bob,

Thank you for lunch and your time today. I found our discussion very insightful and am excited about the next steps.

Warm regards,

10. Lunch was amazing, thanks for everything!

This alternative is enthusiastic and heartfelt, perfect for when the lunch experience was exceptionally positive. While informal, it still maintains a level of professionalism needed in workplace communications.

This phrasing works best after a team lunch or a celebratory meal, where the atmosphere was as important as the food. An excellent choice for emails to team leaders or close colleagues, celebrating a job well done or a project milestone.


Hi Emma,

Lunch was amazing, thanks for everything! What a great way to celebrate our success.

All the best,

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right way to say “Thank you for lunch” can make a big difference in how your appreciation is received. The alternatives provided here allow you to express gratitude in a way that suits the tone of your professional relationship and the context of the lunch meeting. Using varied expressions can add a personal touch to your message and strengthen your connections.

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