10 Formal Synonyms for “Hope to See You Soon”

Ending conversations on a positive note is crucial, especially in the professional world. The phrase “hope to see you soon” is friendly but might not fit every formal situation.

This article provides ten formal synonyms to use instead, helping you maintain a professional tone. Each alternative is explored in detail to help you choose the best option for your next email or letter.

Is It Formal to Say “Hope to See You Soon”?

The phrase “hope to see you soon” can be seen as informal yet polite. It’s not typically classified as formal, but it is friendly and expresses a warm wish to meet again. You might use this phrase in situations where you have a familiar relationship with someone, but it might not be the best choice in strictly professional contexts.

For example, it’s suitable for emails to colleagues you know well, messages to friends, or in casual business communications where formality is not a priority. However, in more formal business settings, with clients, or in official letters, choosing a more formal synonym might be preferred.

Here is a sample of how you might use “hope to see you soon” in an email:

Dear Emily,

Thank you for your assistance with the project today. Your input was invaluable, and I look forward to applying your suggestions. I hope to see you soon during our next team meeting.

Best wishes,


  • Expresses a warm, friendly sentiment.
  • Indicates a desire for future interaction.
  • Can help strengthen personal connections in less formal environments.


  • May not be deemed professional in formal business settings.
  • Could be interpreted as too casual in certain contexts.
  • Lacks specificity about the timing or context of the next meeting.

Someone might want to use an alternative phrase if they are striving for a more formal tone or if they are communicating in a professional setting where informal language might be frowned upon. Choosing a different expression can help convey respect for professional norms and the specific relationship between the sender and receiver. In the search for synonyms, one may find alternatives that strike a better balance between warmth and formality, depending on the intended audience. This could make the communication more appropriate for the situation while still conveying a hopeful sentiment of meeting again.

10 Other Ways to Say “Hope to See You Soon”

For those seeking a more formal tone in their messages, here are ten alternatives to the phrase “hope to see you soon.”

  1. Looking forward to seeing you
  2. Looking forward to our next meeting
  3. Hope to connect again in the near future
  4. Talk to you soon
  5. Eager to connect again soon
  6. Hope we can reconvene soon
  7. I eagerly await our meeting
  8. I’m keen to see you soon
  9. Awaiting our next opportunity to meet
  10. Anticipating our next meeting with great interest

1. Looking forward to seeing you

This alternative is slightly more formal than the original phrase and conveys a strong sense of anticipation and pleasure about a future meeting. It’s especially appropriate in both professional and polite social settings where you have a confirmed future engagement with someone. This phrase suggests a genuine eagerness to see the other person again.

When you want to add a touch of warmth to your professional correspondence or when confirming plans, this phrase is particularly effective. It’s versatile, fitting well into emails that follow up on meetings, interviews, or casual professional catch-ups.

Here’s an example of how to use this phrase in an email:

Dear Ms. Rivera,

Thank you for the insightful meeting today. I learned a great deal from our discussion and am looking forward to seeing you at the next project update meeting.

Best regards,
Elena Thompson

2. Looking forward to our next meeting

This synonym is very formal and is best used in professional contexts. It explicitly mentions a future meeting, making it clear that you are not only eager to see the person but also to engage in the professional content of the meeting. This phrase is particularly suitable for emails and letters that are setting up or following up on professional meetings.

We recommend this alternative when the focus of your message is on the continuation of a professional relationship. It is perfect for situations where the next interaction is likely to be in a formal setting, such as a conference, a scheduled meeting, or a professional event.

Sample email using this phrase:

Dear Dr. Allen,

I appreciated our conversation today about the new research developments. Looking forward to our next meeting, where we can further discuss collaboration possibilities.

Warm regards,
Simon Patel

3. Hope to connect again in the near future

This phrase is slightly less formal than “Looking forward to our next meeting” but still maintains a professional tone. It’s versatile, suitable for ending conversations where future interaction is anticipated but not yet scheduled. This alternative is particularly effective in networking situations or after initial professional introductions.

We recommend using this phrase when you want to leave the door open for future interactions without committing to a specific time or setting. It’s a great choice for follow-up emails after networking events or industry conferences.

Example email:

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

It was a pleasure meeting you at the industry conference last week. I hope to connect again in the near future to discuss our shared interests further.

Laura Kim

4. Talk to you soon

This alternative is more informal than the original, yet it can still be used in light professional contexts. It implies a sense of ongoing conversation and is best used when you expect to be in touch with someone again shortly. It’s friendly and suggests an open line of communication.

This phrase is best suited for informal emails or messages where you have an established relationship with the recipient. It’s perfect for situations where you’ll be following up with more information or continuing a conversation in the near future.

Here’s a sample message:

Hello Alex,

Thanks for sending over the documents. I'll review them and talk to you soon with any questions.


5. Eager to connect again soon

Conveying a sense of enthusiasm, this formal synonym is excellent for expressing a keen interest in continuing a professional or personal relationship. It’s a bit more personal than “Looking forward to our next meeting” and is useful in scenarios where you want to emphasize your interest in the other person or the matter at hand.

When you want to show enthusiasm for a future meeting or interaction, especially after a promising discussion or event, this phrase is highly recommended. It works well in both follow-up emails after a successful meeting and in communications setting up future engagements.

Example of use in an email:

Dear Veronica,

I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion about potential partnership opportunities. I'm eager to connect again soon to explore this further.


6. Hope we can reconvene soon

This formal alternative focuses on the idea of gathering together again, making it particularly suitable for professional contexts where meetings are frequent. It suggests a desire to continue discussions or work that has been started. This phrase is ideal for situations where a project or discussion is ongoing and requires further attention.

This phrase is best used when you are looking forward to a follow-up meeting or session to continue discussions, projects, or negotiations. It is especially appropriate for emails that aim to keep the momentum going on a specific task or project.

Sample email example:

Dear Team,

Following our productive session today, I hope we can reconvene soon to finalize our strategy.


7. I eagerly await our meeting

This phrase is distinctly formal and conveys a high level of anticipation and respect towards the upcoming meeting. It’s particularly effective in contexts where the meeting has been scheduled for a significant purpose, such as decision-making, collaborations, or important discussions.

Use this alternative when the meeting is of particular importance and you wish to express both your anticipation and the significance of the meeting. It’s ideal for situations that require a tone of respect and formality, such as communications with senior management or potential partners.

Here’s how you might use this in an email:

Dear Professor Grant,

Thank you for agreeing to meet with me next week. I eagerly await our meeting to discuss my thesis project in more detail.

Kind regards,
Emily Chen

8. I’m keen to see you soon

This alternative strikes a balance between formal and friendly, making it suitable for both professional and personal contexts. It expresses a strong desire to meet, implying both personal and professional interest. It’s a good choice when you want to convey eagerness without losing a professional edge.

This phrase is particularly effective in messages that aim to strengthen a relationship, whether for networking purposes, project collaborations, or catching up on work developments. It conveys warmth and professional enthusiasm.

Example message:

Dear Colin,

Following our initial discussions, I'm keen to see you soon to further explore our collaboration.


9. Awaiting our next opportunity to meet

This is a very formal synonym that implies patience and a respectful anticipation for a future meeting. It is perfect for use in professional emails where you want to express a formal yet hopeful outlook towards future interactions. This phrase is especially suitable for situations where the timing of the next meeting is uncertain but highly anticipated.

When you wish to convey a formal and respectful tone, especially in communications with superiors or new professional contacts, this phrase is an excellent choice. It shows a professional demeanor while keeping the conversation open and optimistic about future interactions.

Here’s a sample use in an email:

Dear Mrs. Thompson,

It was a pleasure to discuss the project proposal with you. I am awaiting our next opportunity to meet and delve deeper into the details.

Yours sincerely,
George Han

10. Anticipating our next meeting with great interest

This phrase is the epitome of a formal and respectful way to express eagerness for a future meeting. It’s suitable for high-stakes professional settings where the upcoming meeting is crucial for decision-making or advancing a project. It conveys a sense of importance and interest in the meeting’s outcomes.

Perfect for situations where the next meeting will be significant, this phrase sets a tone of seriousness and anticipation. It’s especially recommended for emails to senior executives, potential partners, or in any context where emphasizing the importance of the next interaction is key.

Example for this phrase in an email:

Dear Mr. Larson,

Thank you for your insights during our last discussion. I am anticipating our next meeting with great interest, confident that we will make significant progress.

With best regards,

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right words is key to sounding professional and polite in your work conversations. The ten alternatives to “hope to see you soon” we’ve shared can help you do just that. They range from the formal to the enthusiastic, giving you options for any type of professional situation.

Remember, the right phrase can show your excitement for future meetings while keeping your message appropriate for the workplace. Use these suggestions to enhance your professional correspondence and make a positive impression on your recipients. In the end, the goal is clear communication that fosters positive professional relationships.

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