10 Other Ways to Say “Nice to Connect With You”

It’s essential to express your appreciation for new connections in a way that’s both friendly and professional.

This article explores various phrases that can be used instead of the common “Nice to connect with you.” These alternatives cater to different levels of formality and can enhance your professional correspondence.

Is It Professional to Say “Nice to Connect With You”?

Yes, saying “Nice to connect with you” is considered professional, formal or informal depending on the context, and it is always polite. This phrase works well in various professional settings because it expresses a positive regard and acknowledges the recent interaction. Typically, it is suitable for new business contacts, networking events, and after initial meetings via online platforms.

For example, in the business world when communicating with a colleague or client you’ve recently met at a seminar or online meeting, it helps in setting a friendly yet professional tone. This phrase is versatile and can be effectively used through emails, LinkedIn messages, or even after business phone calls.


Hi Mark,

Thank you for the insightful conversation today. Nice to connect with you and learn about your innovative approaches to digital marketing. Let's keep in touch moving forward.

Warm regards,
Emily Rogers


  • Creates a friendly atmosphere
  • Builds a connection with the recipient
  • Shows appreciation and attentiveness


  • May be considered too casual for very formal interactions
  • Overuse can diminish the impact of the phrase
  • Not specific, may need additional context or follow-up

While “Nice to connect with you” is a widely accepted and useful phrase, at times, one might want to use a different phrase for more variety or to better match a specific professional setting or tone.

10 Other Ways to Say “Nice to Connect With You”

Here are some widely used and professional alternatives to the phrase “Nice to connect with you” that fit perfectly in workplace communications:

  1. Pleased to meet you
  2. Happy to make your acquaintance
  3. Glad we could link up
  4. Great connecting with you
  5. Looking forward to working together
  6. Excited to collaborate with you
  7. It was a pleasure connecting
  8. Appreciate the connection
  9. Enjoyed our conversation
  10. Thank you for connecting

1. Pleased to Meet You

This polite alternative is slightly more formal than the original and is a common synonym in professional settings. It conveys a formal acknowledgment of the first meeting in a friendly tone.

This phrase is ideal for emails and messages after initial meetings with new colleagues or clients. It works best in industries where a professional tone is appreciated.


Hi Samantha,

It was insightful discussing potential collaboration yesterday. Pleased to meet you and I hope we can explore further possibilities.

Tom Brown

2. Happy to Make Your Acquaintance

This option is more formal and carries a very polite undertone, making it a perfect synonym for more conservative professional environments.

Use this in written communication such as emails when engaging with senior professionals or new clients, where maintaining a formal atmosphere is crucial.


Hello Dr. Reynolds,

Thank you for sharing your expert insights today. Happy to make your acquaintance and looking forward to learning more from you.

Best regards,
Lisa Marie

3. Glad We Could Link Up

This alternative is slightly informal and suggests a modern, friendly approach. It’s usually used among professionals who are establishing a relaxed yet professional relationship.

We recommend this phrase for less formal emails and messages where you want to build a rapport while still being professional. Especially suitable when connecting with peers in tech or creative industries.

Email example:

Hey Alex,

Really enjoyed our brainstorming session this morning. Glad we could link up and toss around some ideas.


4. Great Connecting With You

This phrase is versatile, professional, and carries a warm, friendly tone. It works as a great synonym for informal or semi-formal professional interactions.

Suitable for use in various messages across different sectors to express genuine pleasure in making a new business connection. Recommended for follow-up emails after networking events.


Hello Jessica,

Thank you for the insightful exchange at yesterday's conference. Great connecting with you and I hope we can collaborate soon.


5. Looking Forward to Working Together

This phrase emphasizes future collaboration and projects a very positive and professional message. It’s an excellent alternative, particularly when you anticipate future interactions.

Use this in emails with new team members or partners in a scenario where collaboration is expected and appreciated. It’s best suited for industries that are project-driven like engineering, architecture, or consulting.

Email sample:

Hi Deborah,

Thank you for joining the team. Looking forward to working together and achieving great results.

Warm regards,

6. Excited to collaborate with you

This phrase suggests a forward-looking, enthusiastic attitude compared to the more neutral “Nice to Connect With You.” It emphasizes eagerness to work together and implies a future relationship.

Best used in situations where future projects or collaborations are anticipated. This alternative is more informal and can be especially effective with new colleagues or partners in creative or dynamic fields. Suitable for emails or social media messages where conveying a professional yet casual tone is crucial.

Here’s a sample email:

Hi Taylor,

I just wanted to express how excited to collaborate with you I am after our meeting today. I'm looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together.

Best regards,

7. It was a pleasure connecting

This alternative adds a touch of formality and warmth, making it more personal than the original phrase. It’s a polite way to acknowledge the recent interaction positively.

This phrase fits well in more formal settings or when following up after an initial meeting. It works with clients, senior management, or in industries like finance and law, where maintaining a professional demeanor is key. Recommended for use in follow-up emails or LinkedIn messages.

Here’s an example:

Dear Mr. Brown,

It was a pleasure connecting at the conference yesterday. I look forward to exploring potential opportunities between our companies.


8. Appreciate the connection

This alternative is slightly more informal and direct, succinctly conveying gratitude. It’s a straightforward acknowledgment of the value of the new relationship.

Appropriate for less formal professional scenarios or with individuals you have interacted with informally. It suits digital platforms or quick follow-up messages where brevity is appreciated. Ideal for emails or networking platforms like LinkedIn.


Hello Karen,

I just wanted to say I appreciate the connection. Looking forward to chatting again soon!


9. Enjoyed our conversation

This phrase indicates a more personal engagement and satisfaction with the interaction. It is warmer and more specific than the original, highlighting the quality of the conversation.

This is ideal for instances where a meaningful discussion took place, such as interviews or networking events. It’s more informal and best suited for recipients with whom a good rapport was established. Works well in follow-up emails or messages.


Hi Jessica,

I really enjoyed our conversation yesterday and learned a lot about your projects. I hope we can discuss this further soon.


10. Thank you for connecting

This synonym for “Nice to Connect With You” is straightforward and expresses gratitude clearly and succinctly. It is versatile and appropriate in both formal and informal settings.

This phrase is universally acceptable and suitable for any professional context from casual emails to more structured corporate communication. It’s polite and fits well when communicating across various media, from emails to phone calls.


Dear Dr. Allen,

Thank you for connecting with me at yesterday's seminar. I gained a lot of valuable insights from our discussion.

Warm regards,

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right phrase to express gratitude for a connection can impact your professional relationships positively. The alternatives provided in this article allow you to adjust your communication based on the formality of the setting and the nature of your relationship with the recipient. Whether you need a slightly more formal tone or a relaxed one, there’s an option that fits.

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