Get New High-Intent Visitors With Native Advertising

We have launched a new advertising product called Native Advertising. It can help businesses get a great number of high-intent visitors to their website at a reasonable cost. It will work especially well if your target audience is broad enough and you’re advertising one of your bestsellers.

With Native Advertising, your ads are placed via native placements that look much like part of the website, not an advertising block. This drives CTRs higher, which results in CPCs much lower than you would normally get from conventional banner ads.

Native Acquisition also has extensive targeting options like audience and shoppers only targetings which can help narrow down your audience, thus increasing conversion rates on your website.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can set up your Native Acquisition campaign.

Creating ads

Native Acquisition works best with products that have high chances of becoming your bestsellers and are targeted at a broad audience. 

Screenshot from Rontar

When creating an ad, make sure you choose images that feature your product in the most appealing way. Please avoid using your shop logo as the product image, as it will significantly damage your campaign performance. The image size should be 500×500 pixels or more. Also choose your target URL, ad headline, and description. In some cases, we may not display your description, so make sure your headline is self-sufficient and doesn’t depend on the description in any way.

Screenshot from Rontar

On the targeting page, you can choose who your audience is and where they are located. When choosing your target audience, we have two options currently: 

  • Interest targeting. These are people who have recently visited websites in a particular category.
  • Shoppers. These are people who are actively looking to buy products in a particular category.
Screenshot from Rontar

For example, if you are selling women’s apparel you might want to target people with interests in Style & Fashion and shoppers of the Women clothes & Accessories category. Please note that while targeting only shoppers may sometimes yield high ROI, it will definitely result in a lower number of visitors/sales from Native Acquisition. 


If your target audience is broad enough, you should definitely give Native Acquisition a try. 

Screenshot from Rontar

To activate it, just click the Native Acquisition link at the top of the screen and follow the instructions.

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