Expanding your reach with the Similar Audience setting

With retargeting, we show ads to recent past visitors to your website who didn’t make a purchase.

This works especially well when you have hundreds or thousands of visitors daily to your website. However, when you have just a few hundred visitors daily or fewer, you might be getting just a couple of clicks daily from your retargeting campaign.

That’s where Similar Audience targeting comes in.

What is Similar Audiences and How Does It Work?

Similar Audiences allows you to target people that have visited websites similar to yours or purchased products similar to the ones you sell on your website. Unlike the people we target with retargeting ads, these people haven’t visited your website recently.

Using Similar Audiences, you will be able to attract visitors to your website that share the same characteristics as your past website visitors and have a similar purchase intent.

When Should You Use Similar Audience Targeting?

Turn on Similar Audience targeting if you want to increase the number of clicks/conversions you’re getting from your retargeting campaign.

No matter if you’re getting 1 or 100 clicks daily from retargeting, with Similar Audiences, you will reach a new target audience similar to the one you have.

However, since these people have never been to your website before, you may experience slightly lower conversion rates than you normally would expect from a retargeting campaign.

How Do I Turn On Similar Audiences Targeting?

To turn on the Similar Audiences setting, go to Dynamic Retargeting -> Settings -> Targeting and check the Similar Audiences checkbox. Then press Save.

Important. Make sure you choose your target Locations. Otherwise, you will be targeting similar audiences worldwide.

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