10 Other Ways to Say “Congratulations to You Both”

Celebrating achievements together makes special moments even more memorable. Sometimes, saying “congratulations to you both” might not capture the excitement or respect you wish to convey.

This article lists 10 alternative ways to offer congratulations that might better fit the occasion or your personal style. Whether it’s for a professional achievement or a personal milestone, you’ll find the right words to express your joy and support.

Is It Professional to Say “Congratulations to You Both”?

Saying “Congratulations to you both” can definitely be professional, depending on the situation. It works great in settings where two people have achieved something together, like in a work project, getting engaged, or even closing a deal. The phrase shows recognition and appreciation for their joint effort or shared milestone.

Here’s how you might use it in a professional setting:

Congratulations to you both on the successful launch of the project. Your teamwork has truly paid off!


  • It’s inclusive and recognizes the efforts or achievements of two people simultaneously.
  • Makes the recipients feel valued and appreciated as a team.
  • Suitable for a wide range of occasions, both formal and informal.


  • May sound generic or less personal in some contexts.
  • Not suitable for individual achievements where a third person was not directly involved.
  • Can be perceived as too informal in highly traditional or conservative professional settings.

While “congratulations to you both” is often perfectly appropriate, you might want to consider an alternative phrase at times. This could be because you’re looking for something that feels more personal or specific to the individual contributions within a team. Or maybe you’re after a synonym that adds a touch of formality. Using synonyms or alternatives can also help in tailoring your message more closely to the particular achievement or event you’re acknowledging, making it feel more genuine and impactful.

10 Other Ways to Say “Congratulations to You Both”

Looking for a different way to offer your congratulations? Here are 10 great alternatives to the traditional phrase.

  1. Well done, you two!
  2. Kudos to both of you!
  3. Bravo, you two!
  4. Cheers to your success!
  5. Here’s to you both!
  6. Fantastic work, both of you!
  7. So proud of you two!
  8. Heartiest congratulations to you both!
  9. Double the congratulations!
  10. What a remarkable achievement for you both!

1. Well done, you two!

This alternative feels more informal and friendly compared to the original phrase. It brings a sense of warmth and personal touch, making it sound like you admire their efforts genuinely. It still retains the essence of congratulating two people without sounding too formal or stuffy.

This phrase is better suited for casual or less formal settings. It’s perfect for occasions like friends achieving something together, coworkers completing a project, or when you want to sound supportive and enthusiastic without the need for formality.

For instance:

Well done, you two! Your presentation was the highlight of the meeting.
The garden looks amazing. Well done, you two!

2. Kudos to both of you!

“Kudos to both of you!” works as a synonym that carries a slight air of professionalism. It is a more concise way to applaud achievements, maintaining a balance between formal and informal tones. This versatile phrase can be used comfortably in both corporate and personal settings.

When looking to commend colleagues or friends in a manner that is both respectful and laid-back, this phrase hits the mark. It is particularly apt in professional settings where acknowledging someone’s contribution or success in a succinct, yet warm manner is needed.

Sample congratulatory messages:

After all your hard work, kudos to both of you! on the merger deal.
Kudos to both of you! for organizing such an impactful event.

3. Bravo, you two!

This alternative injects enthusiasm and a sense of celebration into the congratulatory message. “Bravo, you two!” is slightly more informal and spirited, making it an excellent choice for moments that call for a high degree of excitement or pride. It’s a great way to express genuine admiration for an accomplishment.

Best suited for personal achievements, creative endeavors, or when congratulating friends and family. This phrase adds an extra layer of warmth and personal touch, making the recipients feel truly special and appreciated.

Here are a couple of examples we recommend:

Your art show was a massive hit. Bravo, you two!
The music you created together is phenomenal. Bravo, you two!

4. Cheers to your success!

This phrase expresses jubilation and support for the two individuals’ success. It’s more informal and has the feel of a toast, making it celebratory in nature. It suggests not just congratulations, but also a wish for continued success, bringing a lovely, supportive dimension to the message.

When you want to celebrate an occasion like a promotion, graduation, or any milestone that signifies a leap towards greater things, “Cheers to your success!” is the perfect phrase. It brings the focus onto the success story, rallying a sense of shared happiness.

As examples:

Cheers to your success! May this be the beginning of many more achievements.
We're thrilled about your new venture. Cheers to your success!

5. Here’s to you both!

With a tone that’s both informal and celebratory, “Here’s to you both!” resembles a toast, implying that the speaker is raising a glass in honor of the two people. It’s a versatile phrase that can fit a variety of occasions, blending well in formal and informal settings alike.

This alternative is better suited for celebratory events, such as engagements, weddings, or joint milestones. It conveys a sense of warmth, personal connection, and optimism for the future, making it a heartfelt way to congratulate someone.

For example:

As you embark on this new journey together, here's to you both!
To years of happiness and success, here's to you both!

6. Fantastic work, both of you!

This phrase emphasizes the effort and quality of work contributed by the two individuals. It leans towards the informal side but can comfortably fit into professional contexts as well, especially when celebrating teamwork or collaborative achievements.

It’s particularly effective when appreciating specific work or projects completed by a team. The focus on “work” makes it an excellent choice for professional settings, where recognizing the quality of output and teamwork is crucial.

Consider these samples:

Your project outcome exceeded all expectations. Fantastic work, both of you!
Seeing what you've built together is inspiring. Fantastic work, both of you!

7. So proud of you two!

This alternative carries a deeply personal and emotional tone, making it feel more informal. It’s perfect for expressing a sense of personal pride in someone’s accomplishments, creating a connection that goes beyond mere congratulations.

When the success or achievement of the duo has personal significance to you, or when you have a close relationship with them, “So proud of you two!” is an excellent choice. It not only praises but also shows a deep level of personal investment and pride in their achievements.

For instance, we recommend:

Seeing you both graduate together is a dream come true. So proud of you two!
You've both come so far since the start of the season. So proud of you two!

8. Heartiest congratulations to you both!

This phrase is more formal and has an air of solemnity and depth, making it suitable for significant achievements or formal occasions. It emphasizes sincere and deep-felt congratulations, enveloping the achievement in a layer of respect and admiration.

This is particularly impactful for major life events like marriage, major anniversaries, or significant professional milestones. Its formal nature lends gravitas to the occasion, making the congratulations feel more profound and sincere.

Two examples:

On achieving your decades-long dream of opening your restaurant, heartiest congratulations to you both!
As you celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary, heartiest congratulations to you both!

9. Double the congratulations!

A playful and enthusiastic phrase, “Double the congratulations!” doubles down on the sentiment of the original. While it remains informal, it adds a layer of fun and excitement to the message. This alternative reflects a joyous celebration of dual accomplishments.

Ideal for occasions that are both joyful and casual, like joint birthdays, shared promotions, or dual accomplishments in any field. This phrase emphasizes the combined joy and shared journey of the recipients in a light-hearted manner.

Example uses:

For both passing your exams with flying colors, double the congratulations!
On buying your first home together, double the congratulations!

10. What a remarkable achievement for you both!

This phrase conveys admiration for the achievement with a tone that is slightly more formal and reflective. It highlights the significance of the accomplishment, making it clear that the achievements of the individuals are both noteworthy and commendable.

When an achievement is truly outstanding or unique, such as a joint publication, invention, or winning a prestigious award, this phrase is highly appropriate. It brings a level of dignity and respect to the congratulatory message, fitting for monumental successes.

Two examples are:

Launching the new community program together, what a remarkable achievement for you both!
Your joint art exhibition is truly groundbreaking. What a remarkable achievement for you both!

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right words to celebrate others’ achievements is important. It shows you care and recognize their hard work. Each alternative phrase we’ve explored offers a different way to share in the joy of significant moments, whether they are formal or casual.

Remember, the best choice depends on your relationship with the people you’re congratulating and the nature of their achievement. Use these options to make your congratulations feel more personal and meaningful. Ultimately, what matters most is the thought and intention behind your words. Celebrate others’ success warmly and sincerely, no matter which phrase you choose.

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