10 Professional Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Seeing You”

The way we express anticipation for future meetings can set the tone for our relationships and interactions.

Saying “looking forward to seeing you” is a common gesture of politeness and expectancy, but variety in language can enrich our messages and convey subtler nuances.

This article explores 10 alternative ways to express this sentiment, each tailored to different degrees of formality, enthusiasm, and context. Discover the right phrases to elevate your professional correspondence and make every meeting anticipation message meaningful.

Is It Professional to Say “Looking Forward to Seeing You”?

Saying “looking forward to seeing you” can be considered both professional, formal, and polite in many contexts. Its appropriateness hinges largely on the relationship between the sender and the recipient, as well as the overall tone of the communication. This phrase effectively conveys anticipation and a positive outlook towards a future meeting or event.

In professional settings, it is typically used to close emails, letters, or during conversations that involve planning a future meeting or event. It’s an expression that adds a warm, yet formal closure to correspondence, especially when you’ve been discussing the details of a forthcoming meeting or collaboration. It sets a positive tone for the upcoming interaction, indicating that the person is not only expecting the meeting but is also optimistic about what it entails.

Here’s an example of how to use this phrase in an email:

Dear Emily,

Thank you for providing the requested documents. Everything looks to be in order, and I believe we’re well-prepared for our upcoming review meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you next Thursday at 10 AM.

Best regards,

Alex Rivera
Marketing Coordinator

Let’s explore some of the pros and cons associated with this phrase:


  • Conveys anticipation and positive regard towards the upcoming meeting.
  • Helps in establishing a cordial professional relationship.
  • Appropriate for a wide range of formal and semi-formal communications.


  • May be considered overly familiar in certain formal contexts or with individuals you have not met personally.
  • Can feel repetitive or insincere if overused.

While “looking forward to seeing you” is widely accepted and used, someone might want to use an alternative phrase to either convey a different level of formality or simply to add variety to their language. In scenarios where this expression might seem too familiar or casual, considering synonyms or alternatives can help in matching the tone of the communication more accurately. The choice of synonyms or alternatives depends on the context and the relationship between the individuals involved. Ultimately, varying your language can also reflect more precisely your feelings or attitudes towards a meeting, ensuring your correspondence remains engaging and authentic.

10 Other Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Seeing You”

  1. Eagerly awaiting our meeting
  2. Excited to meet you soon
  3. Anticipating our upcoming discussion
  4. Looking ahead to our meeting with anticipation
  5. Cannot wait to meet in person
  6. Enthusiastically expecting our meet-up
  7. Counting down to our meeting
  8. Excited about our future interaction
  9. Awaiting our face-to-face conversation with keen interest
  10. Looking forward to our collaboration

1. Eagerly awaiting our meeting

This alternative strikes a balance between being professional and conveying a sense of anticipation. It’s slightly more formal than “looking forward to seeing you” and suitable for communications where you’ve had previous positive interactions. It injects a sense of eagerness into the message, making it ideal for instances when you wish to express genuine enthusiasm about the meeting. We recommend this phrase for emails where establishing a positive rapport is crucial.

Dear Mr. Thompson,

Thank you for agreeing to review our project proposal. Your insights will be invaluable to us.

Eagerly awaiting our meeting next Wednesday.

Warm regards,

Samantha Lee
Project Manager

2. Excited to meet you soon

This phrase is professional, yet conveys a warm and friendly tone. It’s perfect for messages where you want to seem approachable and enthusiastic. Compared to the original phrase, it comes off as slightly more informal, making it a great choice for situations where a bit of friendliness is warranted. We recommend using this alternative in emails that aim to build or strengthen a connection before the meeting occurs.

Dear Benjamin,

Your portfolio is impressive, and I see immense potential in us working together.

Excited to meet you soon.


Olivia Hansen
Creative Director

3. Anticipating our upcoming discussion

This option is notably formal and professional, designed for situations where the forthcoming meeting is expected to cover significant topics. It positions the upcoming event as not just a meeting, but a discussion, implying a deeper level of engagement and exchange of ideas. Ideal for contexts where setting a serious and thoughtful tone from the outset is essential, this alternative can subtly elevate the perceived importance of the meeting.

Dear Dr. Reynolds,

Your recent research findings align perfectly with our current project aims.

Anticipating our upcoming discussion with great interest.


Elena Morris
Chief Research Officer

4. Looking ahead to our meeting with anticipation

This phrase is strong in its professionalism and formality, suitable for communications where it’s important to convey respect and deference. It highlights a forward-thinking attitude and readiness to engage with the matters at hand. This synonym adds a layer of density to the anticipation, making it apt for correspondences related to significant, potentially transformative meetings. It’s recommended for instances where reflecting on the future impact of the meeting is intended.

Dear Carson,

Following our preliminary discussions, I believe our strategies align well.

Looking ahead to our meeting with anticipation.


James Porter

5. Cannot wait to meet in person

While remaining professional, this phrase introduces a more direct and slightly informal tone to the message. It’s fantastic for when you want to express earnest anticipation and a personal touch, especially if the meeting marks the first face-to-face encounter after a period of virtual communication. It’s less formal than the original phrase but more impactful in showcasing personal excitement and investment in the meeting. Suitable for lively professional relationships where a more casual tone has been established.

Dear Isabella,

Our email exchanges have been incredibly productive, and your perspective is refreshing.

Cannot wait to meet in person.


Lucas Green
Development Lead

6. Enthusiastically expecting our meet-up

This synonym brings a cheerful and vivacious energy to the message, making it professional yet spirited. It’s particularly fitting for scenarios where both parties are looking forward to sharing and brainstorming ideas in an energetic setting. While it maintains a business-like tone, it also suggests that the meeting will be more than just a formal exchange—it’ll be an engaging and dynamic interaction. We recommend this for setting an upbeat tone.

Dear Gabriel,

The team has been buzzing with ideas since our last conversation.

Enthusiastically expecting our meet-up.

Warmest regards,

Natalie Kim
Innovation Coordinator

7. Counting down to our meeting

This alternative is professional and conveys eagerness in a more vivid and relatable manner. It’s perfect for when you wish to express anticipation in a tangible way, suggesting that every moment until the meeting holds significance. It’s more informal than the original phrase, thereby suitable for communications with colleagues or clients with whom you have a closer relationship. This phrase subtly introduces a sense of urgency and excitement about the forthcoming engagement.

Dear Andrew,

Your project proposal has genuinely sparked interest in the team here.

Counting down to our meeting.

Best wishes,

Serena Ford
Head of Partnerships

8. Excited about our future interaction

This phrase is professional, with a focus on the long-term potential of the interaction rather than just the immediate meeting. It’s particularly useful in contexts where the meeting is expected to lay the groundwork for ongoing collaboration or partnership. This alternative conveys enthusiasm not just for the upcoming meet but for the prospective relationship and its outcomes. Ideally used when you want to hint at a broader, more enduring engagement beyond the meeting itself.

Dear Tyler,

Seeing your innovative approaches has been inspiring for us all.

Excited about our future interaction.

Kindest regards,

Michelle Grant
Head of Strategic Initiatives

9. Awaiting our face-to-face conversation with keen interest

More formal and professional, this phrase is well-suited for contexts where the face-to-face aspect of the meeting is particularly important, such as when delicate matters or nuanced discussions are involved. It implies a level of seriousness and personal investment in the exchange. This alternative is recommended for situations where the physical presence adds significant value to the understanding and outcomes of the conversation. It portrays a sense of gravity and expectation.

Dear Logan,

Your expertise in the field has been evident through your contributions.

Awaiting our face-to-face conversation with keen interest.

Yours truly,

Diana Cheng
Lead Analyst

10. Looking forward to our collaboration

This alternative emphasizes the aspect of working together more than just the meeting itself. It’s formal and professional, suitable for when the upcoming interaction is expected to kickstart or continue a collaborative effort. It shifts the focus to the joint effort and shared goals, making it an excellent choice for communications that aim to foster a sense of partnership and collective enthusiasm. Ideal for messages where the emphasis is on the collaborative process and its outcomes.

Dear Emma,

The synergy between our teams during the initial discussions has been remarkable.

Looking forward to our collaboration.


Richard Kelley
Partnership Manager

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right way to express anticipation for a meeting is more than a matter of courtesy; it’s an opportunity to strengthen professional bonds and set the stage for productive interactions.

The alternatives provided here offer a range of tones, from professional and formal to warm and enthusiastic, giving you the flexibility to tailor your message according to the context of your relationship and the nature of the upcoming meeting.

By selecting an appropriate synonym or alternative phrase, you not only show respect for the recipient’s time but also convey your genuine interest and positive attitude toward the collaboration.

Remember, the language we use in our professional communications can significantly impact the perception and outcome of our engagements. Use these alternatives thoughtfully to enhance your professional correspondence and make every anticipation of a meeting both meaningful and memorable.

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