10 Professional Synonyms for “I Will Keep You Posted”

Effective communication is key in the professional world, especially when it involves keeping colleagues or clients up-to-date on the latest developments.

While the phrase “I will keep you posted” is commonly used, it might not always capture the level of formality or specificity desired in certain situations.

This article explores ten professional and polite alternatives that can be used to convey the same message with a tone that’s better suited for a variety of professional settings. Whether you’re looking for a more formal way to communicate progress or need a concise way to assure someone of ongoing updates, these alternatives will help you articulate your commitment to transparency and regular communication.

Is It Professional to Say “I Will Keep You Posted”?

Using the phrase “I will keep you posted” can be seen as both professional and polite. It’s a friendly way of assuring someone that you’ll update them with new information as it comes. This expression fits well in many work-related situations, especially when you’re dealing with ongoing projects or situations that evolve over time. However, it’s more on the informal side of professional communication, making it perfect for conversations with colleagues you have a casual rapport with, rather than in high-stakes or very formal communications.

It’s particularly useful when you want to reassure someone that they’re not being left out of the loop, but without committing to a specific timetable for the next update. For example, in situations where you’re waiting on decisions or outcomes from others, and you want to keep a team member informed about the progress.

Here’s a quick example of its use in an email:

Dear Rebecca,

Thank you for sending over the details of the project timeline. I understand the importance of aligning our marketing strategies accordingly. We are currently in the process of reviewing several key aspects with the team. I will keep you posted on our progress and any changes that may occur in our planning phase.

Best wishes,



  • Shows commitment to ongoing communication
  • Makes the recipient feel considered and informed
  • Keeps the conversation open and anticipatory for more details


  • Can be seen as vague for those expecting specific updates or timelines
  • Might be considered too informal for certain professional settings
  • Risks becoming a filler phrase that lacks actionable follow-up

While “I will keep you posted” is a useful and friendly phrase, someone might want to look for an alternative in situations where a more formal tone is required. Different synonyms or alternatives can convey a similar sense of ongoing communication but with a level of formality that is better suited for the context. For instance, in communications with senior management, clients, or external partners, using a more formal alternative could demonstrate a higher level of professionalism and respect. The consideration of synonyms or alternatives is also essential if the phrase has been overused and has begun to lose its impact or sincerity in communication.

10 Other Ways to Say “I Will Keep You Posted”

Exploring different ways to convey updates can enhance the professionalism of your communication. Here are 10 professional alternatives to “I will keep you posted”.

  1. I will update you regularly
  2. I will inform you of any developments
  3. You will be the first to know
  4. I will stay in touch with updates
  5. I will keep you informed
  6. I will ensure you’re updated
  7. I will notify you of any changes
  8. I will send you updates as they come
  9. I will keep you in the loop
  10. I will provide ongoing updates

1. I will update you regularly

This alternative conveys a commitment to provide consistent updates, suggesting a structured and professional approach to communication. It implies reliability and attention to keeping the recipient informed.

This phrase is especially suited for situations where updates are expected to happen at regular intervals. It sets an expectation for consistent communication, making it ideal for project updates or ongoing collaborations.

Here’s a sample email using this alternative:

Dear Emily,

I wanted to touch base regarding the project timeline you inquired about. We are currently finalizing the details and will have a clearer picture by next week.

I will update you regularly on our progress to ensure you're always in the loop.

Best regards,

2. I will inform you of any developments

This synonym suggests a more formal and professional tone. It’s particularly effective in contexts where updates are based on developments or changes that may not have a predictable schedule.

This alternative is better suited for scenarios where the timing and nature of updates are uncertain. It’s ideal for conveying that you intend to communicate significant changes or progress as they occur.

Here’s an example message using this alternative:

Dear Olivia,

Thank you for your patience as we navigate through the current phase of our project. We are working diligently to address the recent challenges.

I will inform you of any developments as soon as they arise.

Warm regards,

3. You will be the first to know

This alternative adds a personal touch and suggests that the recipient is highly valued. It’s less formal but remains polite and professional, ideal for building a rapport with the recipient.

It is particularly effective in situations where the information is of significant interest or importance to the recipient. This phrase assures them that they are a priority and will receive updates promptly.

Here’s a sample message employing this phrase:

Dear Thomas,

We appreciate your keen interest in the upcoming product launch. We are finalizing the last few details before the big announcement.

You will be the first to know once we have confirmed the launch date.

Best wishes,

4. I will stay in touch with updates

This alternative indicates a proactive approach to communication, suggesting that the sender will initiate contact to provide updates. It’s both professional and polite, suitable for various contexts.

This phrase works well when the timeline for updates is not fixed but the sender wants to assure the recipient of ongoing communication. It’s great for situations that require flexibility and continuous engagement.

Here’s an example email utilizing this phrase:

Dear Alexander,

Following our meeting today, I'll be coordinating with the team to incorporate the feedback received.

I will stay in touch with updates on our progress and any further inputs needed from your side.


5. I will keep you informed

This is a straightforward and professional synonym for “I will keep you posted”, emphasizing the sender’s intention to provide relevant information. It’s versatile and suitable for any professional setting.

This alternative is particularly useful in formal contexts or when addressing someone you may not have a close relationship with. It conveys respect and the importance of keeping the recipient informed without implying a specific frequency of communication.

Here’s a sample use of this alternative in an email:

Dear Benjamin,

As we proceed with the audit process, it's crucial that we maintain open lines of communication.

I will keep you informed of our findings and any further documentation required from your team.

Kind regards,

6. I will ensure you’re updated

This phrase promises active involvement in keeping the recipient informed, highlighting a sense of responsibility and professionalism. It assures the recipient of the sender’s commitment to transparency.

This alternative is ideal for scenarios where the sender is overseeing a project or process and needs to reassure stakeholders of their oversight. It’s particularly useful when the updates are critical to the recipient’s decision-making or involvement.

Here’s a sample email using this alternative:

Dear Hannah,

As we embark on the next phase of development, your feedback will be invaluable to ensuring our project meets its objectives.

I will ensure you're updated on key milestones and any opportunities for you to provide input.


7. I will notify you of any changes

This synonym is particularly professional and specific, ideal for situations where the outcome or process is subject to change. It reassures the recipient that they will be informed promptly of alterations.

It’s most suited for projects or agreements where variables may shift, and keeping the recipient informed of these changes is crucial for their planning and response. This phrase sets clear expectations for communication about deviations from the original plan.

Here’s an example message using this alternative:

Dear Ava,

Thank you for your ongoing support as we navigate the complexities of our current project. We are adapting to challenges as they arise.

I will notify you of any changes to our timeline or deliverables.


8. I will send you updates as they come

This alternative suggests a more informal but still professional approach. It indicates that updates will be communicated in real-time, as soon as they are available.

This phrase is well-suited for dynamic environments where developments occur rapidly and unpredictably. It’s beneficial for keeping the recipient informed without the need for them to request updates, fostering a proactive communication culture.

Here’s a sample email employing this phrase:

Dear Mia,

We're in the thick of coordinating the event, and things are moving quickly. Your involvement is crucial to our success.

I will send you updates as they come, ensuring you're always aware of the latest plans and changes.


9. I will keep you in the loop

This phrase is casual yet professional, ideal for maintaining an open line of communication. It conveys inclusivity, ensuring the recipient feels involved and informed about ongoing developments.

Perfect for team environments or collaborative projects, this alternative fosters a sense of community and shared purpose. It reassures the recipient that they will not be left out of important communications or decisions.

Here’s an example message utilizing this phrase:

Dear Sophia,

As we move forward with our strategic planning, your insights will be invaluable to shaping our direction.

I will keep you in the loop on discussions and decisions that emerge from our upcoming sessions.


10. I will provide ongoing updates

This alternative emphasizes a continuous flow of information, reassuring the recipient of the sender’s commitment to transparency and professionalism. It’s a promise of regular and relevant communication.

Suitable for long-term projects or situations where the status frequently evolves, this phrase ensures the recipient remains well-informed over time. It’s particularly effective when managing expectations and maintaining stakeholder engagement.

Here’s a sample use of this alternative in an email:

Dear William,

Your investment in our technology initiative is greatly appreciated. As we progress through the development phases, your insight and feedback will be crucial.

I will provide ongoing updates to keep you informed of our progress and any challenges we encounter.


Final Thoughts

How we express our intention to provide updates can deeply impact the clarity and effectiveness of our messages.

The phrase “I will keep you posted” is undoubtedly useful, but exploring alternatives allows for better alignment with the formal tone often required in professional settings.

Each of the ten alternatives presented in this article offers a slightly different nuance, enabling professionals to tailor their communication more precisely to the situation at hand.

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