10 Other Ways to Say “I Look Forward to the Interview” in an Email

When applying for a job, how you communicate in emails can make a big difference. Saying “I look forward to the interview” is a common way to show you’re serious about the opportunity. But using the same phrase over and over can get boring.

Here are ten different ways to express your excitement and stand out in your emails.

Is It Professional to Say “I Look Forward to the Interview”?

Yes, saying “I look forward to the interview” is both professional, polite, and formal. It’s a way to express enthusiasm about the opportunity to meet and discuss the position. You’re showing respect for the interviewer’s time while also making it clear that you are serious about the job. This phrase is best used after an interview has been scheduled, whether you’ve received an invitation via email, phone, or in person.

Here is an example of how to use this phrase in an email:

Dear Ms. Smith,

Thank you for arranging the interview. I really appreciate the opportunity to discuss the software engineering position with ABC Corp. I look forward to the interview on Thursday at 10:00 AM.

Warm regards,
Alex Martinez

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of using this phrase:


  • Shows enthusiasm for the position.
  • Demonstrates professional manners.
  • Confirms your interest in the opportunity.


  • May sound repetitive if used too frequently in communication.
  • Lacks originality since it’s a commonly used phrase.

Sometimes, someone might want to use an alternative phrase. Why? Using a different way to express excitement for the interview can help you stand out. It shows creativity and can help make a memorable impression on the interviewer. If a lot of people use the same phrases, your email could blend in with others. Finding a synonym or other alternatives is a way to personalize your communication and potentially strengthen your connection with the company or interviewer. It’s all about balance: being professional but also showing your unique voice.

10 Other Ways to Say “I Look Forward to the Interview” in an Email

Here are ten common alternatives that can add variety to your professional emails.

  1. Eagerly anticipating our interview.
  2. Excited about the upcoming interview.
  3. Looking forward to discussing the position with you.
  4. Can’t wait to explore how I can contribute to your team.
  5. Thrilled at the chance to discuss my application in more detail.
  6. Enthusiastically awaiting our conversation.
  7. Excited to share how I can fit into your team.
  8. Anticipating the opportunity to speak with you.
  9. Looking forward to our meeting.
  10. Anxiously awaiting our interview.

1. Eagerly anticipating our interview

This alternative to the original phrase maintains a professional and polite tone, while adding a sense of excitement and enthusiasm. It shows a proactive attitude and eagerness to engage in the interview process. This alternative is a bit more expressive and can help convey genuine interest.

This phrase is better suited for situations where you want to emphasize your enthusiasm about the role. It’s perfect for roles that require a high level of energy and passion, such as sales or creative positions.

Dear Mr. Thompson,

Thank you for considering me for the position. Eagerly anticipating our interview next Wednesday.

Samantha Green

2. Excited about the upcoming interview

This phrase is slightly informal yet remains professional and is suitable for most email correspondences. It’s straightforward and communicates a positive outlook towards the upcoming interview. The use of ‘excited’ personalizes the message slightly more than the original phrase.

It’s well-suited for environments that are known for a lively company culture. When you’re applying to startups or companies in creative industries, this phrasing can echo the energy you’ll bring to the team.

Dear Ms. Patel,

I've reviewed the job details, and excited about the upcoming interview on Friday.

Warm regards,
Eric Larson

3. Looking forward to discussing the position with you

This alternative is very professional and formal, making it a great synonym for the original phrase. It shifts the focus slightly more towards the mutual benefit of the upcoming discussion, rather than just the interview itself. This phrase suggests a readiness to explore how both parties can benefit.

This alternative is particularly effective for positions that require collaboration and partnership, such as management or consultancy roles. Here, showing eagerness to engage in discussion reflects well on your collaborative skills.

Dear Ms. Lee,

Thank you for the invitation. Looking forward to discussing the position with you next Monday.

Jordan Sim

4. Can’t wait to explore how I can contribute to your team

This option adds a more informal touch while still being polite and showing eagerness. It not only expresses anticipation for the interview but also demonstrates a proactive approach to understanding and contributing to the team’s success. This phrase shows that you’re thinking about your potential impact on the company.

It’s best used when applying to roles within innovative or dynamic teams, where individual contributions are highly valued. This message suggests a readiness to start making a difference right away.

Dear Mr. Franklin,

It's an honor to be considered. Can't wait to explore how I can contribute to your team.

Kind regards, 
Tina Rodriguez

5. Thrilled at the chance to discuss my application in more detail

This phrase is formal and professional, with an added touch of personal excitement. It intensifies the anticipation of the interview by focusing on the opportunity to delve deeper into your application and qualifications. This choice shows both excitement and a readiness to be evaluated further.

When the job application process has been extensive or highly competitive, this phrase effectively conveys appreciation and readiness for the next steps. It’s reflective of a candidate who is confident and eager to elaborate on their fit for the role.

Dear Dr. Walters,

I appreciate your time in reviewing my application. Thrilled at the chance to discuss my application in more detail.

Best wishes,
Olivia Hunt

6. Enthusiastically awaiting our conversation

This expression is professional and polite, with a spirited undertone. It’s a balanced mix of formality and warmth, suggesting that the candidate is not only interested in the interview but also in the conversation and exchange of ideas it entails. This can hint at a good cultural fit with the company.

It’s a great choice when you have had preliminary discussions with the company and want to underline your eagerness to continue those conversations. Especially fitting for roles that require excellent communication skills or team collaboration.

Dear Mr. Khan,

Looking forward to learning more about your team. Enthusiastically awaiting our conversation.

Kyle Chen

7. Excited to share how I can fit into your team

This phrase is a touch more informal but keeps a professional demeanor. It immediately points towards the future, focusing on potential contributions and team dynamics. This shows a forward-thinking mentality, prioritizing how you can add value to the team.

This phrasing is particularly suitable for applications to teams known for innovation and collaboration. It signals a readiness to integrate into and enhance the team, making it an excellent choice for dynamic work environments.

Dear Ms. Gonzalez,

Your project goals resonate with me. Excited to share how I can fit into your team.

Yours sincerely,
Brian Park

8. Anticipating the opportunity to speak with you

This is another formal and professional alternative that closely mirrors the original phrase’s respectfulness and anticipation. It places the emphasis on the opportunity itself, suggesting a broad interest in both the interview and the potential to learn from the conversation.

This alternative works well for roles in more conservative or traditional industries. It articulates respect for the process and eagerness to engage in meaningful dialogue about the position.

Dear Mrs. Hamilton,

I am grateful for the opportunity. Anticipating the opportunity to speak with you on Tuesday.

Derek Yu

9. Looking forward to our meeting

This phrase is classic, professional, and formal. It is less specific than mentioning an “interview” but remains a polite expression of anticipation for the scheduled time. It’s a slightly broader term that can also refer to any meeting, making it versatile.

This variant is suited for any context where you wish to keep the tone professional yet slightly more general. It works well for not only interviews but also for other professional meetings, discussions, or gatherings.

Dear Ms. Richardson,

Thank you for arranging this. Looking forward to our meeting next Thursday.

Best regards,
Nina Patel

10. Anxiously awaiting our interview

This phrase is professional, but with a hint of informal flavor due to the word “anxiously.” It conveys a high level of anticipation and perhaps a bit more nervous energy than the original phrase. This can add a touch of personality to your message.

This phrasing might be better suited when you’ve established a more personal rapport with the interviewer or in less formal industries. It shows eagerness and a human touch, acknowledging the natural nerves that come with job interviews.

Dear Mr. Carlson,

I'm truly honored to be considered. Anxiously awaiting our interview this Friday.

Jessica Stone

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right words for your email matters a lot, especially when you’re hoping to get a job. The way you say “I look forward to the interview” can show your personality and how much you want the job. By picking one of the ten alternatives we’ve shared, you can make your message more interesting. This can help you stand out in a sea of applicants who might all be saying the same thing.

Remember, the goal is to be professional but also show you’re excited about the opportunity. Using these tips can get you one step closer to making a great impression even before the interview starts.

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