10 Other Ways to Say “Food Will Be Served”

When planning an event, how you tell your guests about food matters. The right words can match the event’s feel and set the right expectations.

Here, we offer 10 different ways to say “food will be served” to help you find the perfect phrase. Each alternative is tailored to fit various occasions, from formal to casual.

Is It Formal to Say “Food Will Be Served”?

Yes, saying “food will be served” is considered formal. This phrase is often used in invitations or announcements for events where meals will be provided. It sets a certain level of expectation for the attendees about the arrangement of the food. You might use it for weddings, formal dinners, conferences, or any gathering where meals are a planned part of the event.

Here’s an example:

Food will be served at 7 PM following the ceremony.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of using this phrase:


  • Clear and straightforward, leaving little room for misunderstanding.
  • Sets a formal tone for the event.
  • Helpful for planning, as guests know food will be available.


  • May seem too formal for more casual or intimate gatherings.
  • Lacks creativity and personal touch.
  • Can feel vague without additional details about the type of food or style of service.

In certain situations, someone might want to use an alternative phrase. If the event is casual or if they want to add a more personal or thematic touch, finding a synonym or different wording can help match the tone of the event better. Alternatives can also provide more specific information or create excitement about the meal. It’s about using the right language to suit the occasion and what the host wants to convey to their guests.

10 Other Ways to Say “Food Will Be Served”

Here are 10 alternatives to the phrase “food will be served” that you can use to match the tone of your event.

  1. Dining offerings will be available
  2. Join us for a meal
  3. Refreshments will be provided
  4. A selection of cuisine will be presented
  5. Prepare for a culinary experience
  6. Catered dinner to be enjoyed
  7. Complimentary food offerings
  8. Buffet-style service will start
  9. Meals to be shared among guests
  10. Gourmet bites awaiting

1. Dining offerings will be available

This alternative sounds professional and is slightly more formal than the original phrase. It hints at a variety of food options being present rather than just a single meal. This can make guests look forward to the event, expecting a range of dishes to choose from.

This phrase is better suited for events where multiple food stations or a variety of dishes will be available, such as a conference or a gala. It sets the expectation of choices which can elevate the guest’s experience.

Here are two examples:

Dining offerings will be available throughout the evening for all attendees.
We are excited to announce that dining offerings will be available post-presentation.

2. Join us for a meal

This invitation is informal and creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere. It’s more casual and personal, making it feel like guests are being invited into a home rather than a large venue. Friends and family will appreciate this approach for its direct and friendly tone.

Smaller, intimate gatherings or family events are ideal situations for this phrase. It emphasizes the communal and social aspect of eating together in a relaxed setting.

Here are two samples:

Join us for a meal after the ceremony to celebrate together.
Join us for a meal at our annual family reunion this Saturday.

3. Refreshments will be provided

This phrase is polite and informal, making it a great choice for less formal events. It suggests light food and drinks rather than a full meal, which can set appropriate expectations for the guests. It is a versatile option that can fit many different types of gatherings.

Use this for casual meetings, workshops, or small get-togethers. It’s particularly useful when you want to inform participants that snacks or light refreshments will be available, rather than a full meal.

Here are two examples:

Refreshments will be provided during the intermission.
After the workshop, refreshments will be provided for all attendees.

4. A selection of cuisine will be presented

This alternative sounds formal and professional. It suggests a curated selection of dishes that might reflect a particular theme or high-quality standard. This phrase elevates the event by promising a more sophisticated dining experience.

This is best for themed events or formal gatherings. It prepares guests for a diverse and potentially sophisticated menu that might offer an exploration of different cultures or culinary styles.

Here are two samples for usage:

At the gala, a selection of cuisine will be presented to delight your taste buds.
A selection of cuisine will be presented during our international food festival night.

5. Prepare for a culinary experience

This phrase is both formal and engaging, suggesting that the food service will be more than just eating; it will be an experience. It works well for events where the food is a central focus, promising attendees an unforgettable meal.

High-end fundraisers, weddings, or themed dinners where the meal is meant to be a highlight of the evening would benefit from this wording. It builds anticipation and excitement about the quality and uniqueness of the food to be served.

Two examples are as follows:

Prepare for a culinary experience at our annual chef's dinner.
We recommend all guests to prepare for a culinary experience unlike any other.

6. Catered dinner to be enjoyed

This alternative is informal yet hints at an organized and prepared meal. It’s straightforward and gives the impression that a planned and possibly upscale meal will be served, without sounding too formal.

Perfect for business dinners, weddings, or any event where a meal is a significant part of the gathering. It reassures guests that there will be a structured dinner, likely of high quality.

Examples of use include:

Catered dinner to be enjoyed following the keynote speech.
A catered dinner to be enjoyed by all our esteemed guests and speakers.

7. Complimentary food offerings

This phrase is informal and straightforward, clearly communicating that food will be provided at no additional cost to the guests. It’s a friendly way to inform attendees about the availability of free food, which is always a welcome message.

This wording is ideal for customer appreciation events, open houses, or any occasion where you want to emphasize the perk of free food as a gesture of gratitude or welcome.

Two examples for clarity:

Complimentary food offerings will be set up in the foyer.
Enjoy complimentary food offerings during our customer appreciation day.

8. Buffet-style service will start

This alternative is informal and descriptive, giving guests specific information about how the food will be served. It’s a useful phrase when you want to manage expectations and encourage guests to serve themselves.

Best suited for large gatherings, company events, or family reunions where guests can choose what they like from a wide selection of dishes. It promotes a casual and communal dining atmosphere.

Here are two sample uses:

Buffet-style service will start promptly at 6 PM.
Please join us in the main hall where Buffet-style service will start.

9. Meals to be shared among guests

This phrase is informal and promotes a sense of community and sharing. It’s a gentle reminder that food is not just about feeding the body but also about creating bonds and sharing moments. It fosters a familial and communal environment.

Family-style dinners, casual gatherings, or events focusing on community and conversation will find this phrasing a perfect fit. It sets a tone for friendliness and togetherness.

Examples include:

Meals to be shared among guests will be served at each table.
We encourage everyone to partake in the meals to be shared among guests.

10. Gourmet bites awaiting

This phrase is informal but suggests a certain level of sophistication with the use of “gourmet.” It’s a tantalizing way to inform guests that they can expect high-quality, delicious small plates or appetizers during the event.

This alternative is particularly fitting for cocktail receptions, gallery openings, or any event where the focus is on mingling and light eating rather than sitting down for full meals. It implies a casual yet sophisticated dining experience.

Here are two examples:

Gourmet bites awaiting you upon arrival.
Throughout the evening, gourmet bites awaiting your indulgence.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right way to tell your guests that food will be available is more important than it might seem. The phrases you use can shape how your event feels and what your guests expect. Whether your gathering is formal or casual, there’s a perfect way to express that meals will be provided.

Remember, details matter in making your event memorable. By considering the alternatives we listed, you can match your invitation’s tone to the event’s atmosphere. In the end, it’s all about creating the best experience for your guests.

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