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Email Examples Generator

Generate examples of emails that demonstrate how a specific phrase can be used.

What Does This Tool Do?

The Email Examples Generator Tool is a user-friendly online resource designed to help you craft professional emails effortlessly. By simply inputting a phrase, the tool provides examples of how to use that phrase in a variety of professional email contexts. Whether you're drafting an email to a colleague, a client, or your boss, this tool can show you the best way to incorporate specific phrases that are often used in the workplace. This is particularly useful for anyone looking to improve their email writing skills, ensure their communication is professional, or find new ways to express common ideas in the business world.

While the tool is versatile enough to generate examples using any phrase you input, it shines when dealing with language commonly found in professional emails. This specificity makes it an invaluable asset for those new to the workforce, professionals looking to refine their email etiquette, or anyone in between who aims to communicate more effectively in their professional life.

How to Use the Email Examples Generator?

The Email Examples Generator is an easy-to-use tool that can help improve your email writing skills. By following a few simple steps, you can learn how to incorporate specific phrases into your professional emails effectively.

Step 1: Enter Your Phrase

Start by typing the phrase you want to include in your email into the designated field. This is the phrase you're looking to get examples for.

Step 2: Select The Desired Tone of the Email Examples

Choosing the right tone for your email is crucial. This tool offers options to match the tone to the formality of your phrase or the context of your email.

Matches the formality of the specified phrase

This option automatically adjusts the tone to match the formality of the phrase you entered.


A formal tone is appropriate for communications with senior management, new clients, or external partners. It shows respect and professionalism, often using complete sentences, precise vocabulary, and avoiding slang or contractions.


Semi-formal strikes a balance, suitable for emails to colleagues or clients you have an established relationship with. It's friendly yet professional, making it perfect for regular, day-to-day business communication.


An informal tone is best reserved for messages to coworkers you know well. It's casual, using conversational language and possibly emojis to convey emotion, ideal for internal team communication or less formal company cultures.

Step 3: Generate Email Examples

Press the "Generate Examples" button to see how your specified phrase can be used in an email. The tool generates one example at a time and may take up to 30 seconds, though it's usually much quicker.

Step 4: Get More Email Examples if Needed

If you need more examples, simply press the "Get More" button located under the already provided examples. This allows you to explore different ways to integrate your phrase into various email contexts.

Technology Behind Rontar’s Email Examples Generator Tool

The core of Rontar's Email Examples Generator Tool is advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. This AI analyzes the phrase you input, understanding its context and nuances to generate suitable email examples.