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540 Tavern Name Ideas + Name Generator

Choosing the right name for your tavern can make a big difference in attracting customers.

This article offers 540 tavern name ideas to inspire you. Whether you want something cool, funny, unique, or themed, you’ll find plenty of options here. Plus, we'll share key tips to help you pick the perfect name for your tavern.

Creative Tavern Name Ideas

Looking for a unique name for your tavern? Check out these creative ideas:

  1. Whiskey Barrel Inn
  2. Moonlit Meadows Pub
  3. Enchanted Alehouse
  4. Golden Griffin Tavern
  5. Midnight Oak Tavern
  6. Secret Garden Tavern
  7. Dragon's Den Pub
  8. Crystal Cask Inn
  9. Mystic Moonshine Tavern
  10. Emerald Lantern Pub
  11. Starlight Serenade Tavern
  12. Rustic Rosemary Inn
  13. Whispering Willow Pub
  14. Hidden Haven Tavern
  15. Sapphire Siren Inn
  16. Twilight Terrace Pub
  17. Lost Lore Tavern
  18. Wildflower Whiskey House
  19. Harbor Haze Inn
  20. Cosmic Cascade Pub
  21. Harvest Hearth Tavern
  22. Windmill Wishes Inn
  23. Fireside Fable Pub
  24. Silver Serpent Tavern
  25. Bramblewood Brew House
  26. Echoing Oak Inn
  27. Silent Sea Tavern
  28. Twinkling Teapot Pub
  29. Azul Alchemist Tavern
  30. Sunflower Spirits Inn

Cool Tavern Names

If you're looking for a trendy and hip name for your tavern, check out these cool options:

  1. Neon Nectar Pub
  2. Electric Ember Tavern
  3. Urban Oasis Inn
  4. Retro Remix Pub
  5. Galactic Grove Tavern
  6. Vintage Vortex Pub
  7. Artisan Ales Inn
  8. Chillwave Corner Tavern
  9. Fusion Fizz Pub
  10. Chrome Coaster Tavern
  11. Metro Mystic Inn
  12. Hipster Hangout Pub
  13. Cityscape Sip Tavern
  14. Glitz & Grit Inn
  15. Pixel Punch Pub
  16. Blue Velvet Tavern
  17. Steampunk Spirits Inn
  18. Moonlit Prism Pub
  19. Concrete Jungle Tavern
  20. Velvet Underground Inn
  21. Silver Screen Pub
  22. City Lights Tavern
  23. Ink & Ivy Inn
  24. Pop Artisan Pub
  25. Twilight Techno Tavern
  26. Urban Zen Inn
  27. Jazz & JuJu Pub
  28. Cozy Groove Tavern
  29. Velvet Vinyl Inn
  30. Rooftop Revelry Pub

Funny Tavern Name Ideas

Add a touch of humor to your tavern with these lighthearted and funny name suggestions:

  1. The Tipsy Troll Taproom
  2. Laughing Llama Lounge
  3. Giggling Gargoyle Pub
  4. The Drunken Dragon Inn
  5. Chuckling Chimera Tavern
  6. The Tipsy Tortoise Pub
  7. Guffawing Griffin Gastropub
  8. The Merry Minotaur Inn
  9. The Silly Siren Saloon
  10. The Jolly Jester Joint
  11. The Giggling Gnome Tavern
  12. The Witty Wyvern Watering Hole
  13. The Boisterous Banshee Bar
  14. The Comical Centaur Cantina
  15. The Quirky Quetzalcoatl Quiosque
  16. The Chuckling Cyclops Club
  17. The Hilarious Harpy Hangout
  18. The Laughable Leprechaun Lodge
  19. The Goofy Goblin Gathering
  20. The Amusing Alpaca Alehouse
  21. The Bumbling Behemoth Bar
  22. The Snickering Satyr Saloon
  23. The Chucklesome Chupacabra Club
  24. The Snortworthy Sphinx Spot
  25. The Rib-Tickling Roc Retreat
  26. The Uncontrollable Unicorn Utopia
  27. The Hysterical Hydra Hideaway
  28. The Monkeying Mermaid Meadery
  29. The Laugh-out-Loud Lich Lounge
  30. The Riotous Rococo Rendezvous

Unique Tavern Names

Stand out from the crowd with these one-of-a-kind and distinctive tavern name ideas:

  1. Whispering Willow Retreat
  2. Moonlit Mirage Tavern
  3. Enigma Enclave Inn
  4. Cosmic Cavern Pub
  5. Velvet Vortex Tavern
  6. Ethereal Echoes Inn
  7. Whimsical Wonders Pub
  8. Solstice Sanctuary Tavern
  9. Aurora Assemblage Inn
  10. Nova Nook Pub
  11. Quill & Quirk Tavern
  12. Phantom Phial Inn
  13. Vivid Visions Pub
  14. Silver Solace Tavern
  15. Zephyr Zest Inn
  16. Glowing Grotto Pub
  17. Twilight Trance Tavern
  18. Enchanted Oasis Inn
  19. Crested Crestfall Pub
  20. Luminous Lagoon Tavern
  21. Twilight Tulip Inn
  22. Gossamer Glimmer Pub
  23. Peacock Pavilion Tavern
  24. Spectra Sip Inn
  25. Starlit Symphony Pub
  26. Theater of Thorns Tavern
  27. Galaxy Glade Inn
  28. Whirlwind Whistle Pub
  29. Crimson Cascade Tavern
  30. Opal Opus Inn

Cute Tavern Name Ideas

For a charming and endearing vibe, consider these delightful and cute tavern name suggestions:

  1. Snuggle Snail Inn
  2. Sweet Sugar Plum Pub
  3. Fluttering Fairy Tavern
  4. Bumbleberry Bistro
  5. Daisy Dewdrop Inn
  6. Fuzzy Foxglove Pub
  7. Whisker Willow Tavern
  8. Cozy Cottage Inn
  9. Chipper Chipmunk Pub
  10. Sunshine Sparrow Tavern
  11. Cuddly Calf Inn
  12. Cherry Blossom Pub
  13. Peaches & Petals Tavern
  14. Fiesta Ferret Inn
  15. Pumpkin Patch Pub
  16. Cinnamon Swirl Tavern
  17. Honeybee Haven Inn
  18. Twinkle Toes Pub
  19. Wooly Lamb's Tavern
  20. Peppermint Paradise Inn
  21. Berry Bliss Pub
  22. Snickerdoodle Tavern
  23. Moonbeam Meadow Inn
  24. Baby Bunny Pub
  25. Fawn & Fern Tavern
  26. Chirpy Chickadee Inn
  27. Puddle Duck Pub
  28. Raindrop Rendezvous Tavern
  29. Buttercup Breeze Inn
  30. Fluffy Clouds Pub

Clever Tavern Names

Impress your patrons with these smart and witty tavern name choices that showcase your clever side:

  1. Intellectual Inn
  2. The Brainy Barkeep Tavern
  3. Smarty Pints Pub
  4. The Whimsical Wordplay Inn
  5. Sharp & Spirited Tavern
  6. Book & Brew Pub
  7. The Quizzical Quaff Tavern
  8. Cunning Cocktails Inn
  9. The Riddle Room Pub
  10. Brainstorm Brewery
  11. The Puzzled Pint Pot Tavern
  12. Genius Gin Joint
  13. The Clever Cask Inn
  14. The Scribe's Spirits Tavern
  15. Wit & Wisdom Whiskey House
  16. The Sage Sip Pub
  17. Logic Lounge Inn
  18. The Astute Alehouse
  19. The Insightful Imbibe Tavern
  20. Clever Concoctions Pub
  21. The Inquisitive Quench Tavern
  22. Thoughtful Thirst Inn
  23. The Smart Swig Pub
  24. Savvy Soda Salon
  25. The Intellectual Ichor Tavern
  26. The Wise Watering Hole
  27. The Punny Pint Place Pub
  28. The Crafty Cocktail Cove
  29. The Sharp Quip Tavern
  30. The Brainy Brew Inn

Short Tavern Name Ideas

Keep it concise and impactful with these succinct and catchy short names for your tavern:

  1. Swift Sip Tavern
  2. Whiskey Wagon Pub
  3. Cozy Cork Inn
  4. Moonlit Mug Tavern
  5. Ember Elm Pub
  6. Oak & Ale Inn
  7. Blue Bay Tavern
  8. Twist & Stout Pub
  9. Cask Q Tavern
  10. Nectar Nook Inn
  11. Brisk Brew Pub
  12. Iron Ale Tavern
  13. The Tap Room Inn
  14. Hearthstone Pub
  15. Mist & Mirth Tavern
  16. Pint Peak Pub
  17. Whispering Well Inn
  18. Gleam & Goblet Tavern
  19. Hollow Hops Pub
  20. Aura Ale Tavern
  21. Lush Lounge Inn
  22. Twinkle Tavern
  23. Barley Burst Pub
  24. Swift Siren Inn
  25. Arrow Ale Tavern
  26. Flask & Flame Pub
  27. Nook & Nibble Inn
  28. Coastal Cork Tavern
  29. Cozynook Pub
  30. Trailside Tavern

Catchy Tavern Names

Make a memorable impression with these catchy and attention-grabbing names for your tavern:

  1. Fireside Flair Tavern
  2. Whispering Willow Pub
  3. Golden Goblet Inn
  4. Moonbeam Manor Pub
  5. Rustic Revelry Tavern
  6. Harbor Haven Pub
  7. Twilight Tides Tavern
  8. Enchanting Ember Pub
  9. Starshine Saloon
  10. Roaring Hearth Tavern
  11. Quicksilver Quaff Pub
  12. Whiskey Whisper Tavern
  13. Twilight Tales Pub
  14. Brewer's Bounty Tavern
  15. Sparkling Spirits Pub
  16. Whimsical Waters Tavern
  17. Ruby Rosemead Pub
  18. Mystic Moon Tavern
  19. Alpine Alehouse Pub
  20. Trailblazer Tavern
  21. Aurora Ales Pub
  22. Whiskey Wildflower Tavern
  23. Golden Grove Pub
  24. Phoenix Fire Tavern
  25. Magic Moonbeam Pub
  26. Gemstone Goblet Tavern
  27. Happy Hunter Pub
  28. Dreamers' Den Tavern
  29. Whirlpool Whiskey Pub
  30. Tranquil Tryst Tavern

Medieval Tavern Name Ideas

Travel back in time with these medieval-themed names for your tavern that evoke a sense of history:

  1. The Dragon's Lair Inn
  2. King's Feast Tavern
  3. Merlin's Mug Pub
  4. Castle Keep Inn
  5. Knight's Valor Tavern
  6. Queen's Crown Pub
  7. Blacksmith's Brew Tavern
  8. Maiden's Melody Inn
  9. The Jousting Jester Pub
  10. Royal Robes Tavern
  11. Arthur's Alehouse Inn
  12. Fair Maiden's Respite Pub
  13. The Throne Room Tavern
  14. Wandering Minstrel Inn
  15. Knights of the Round Pub
  16. The Noble Steed Tavern
  17. Sorcerer's Spell Inn
  18. Gallant Griffin Pub
  19. The Black Knight Tavern
  20. Ye Olde Dragon's Den Inn
  21. The Enchanted Castle Pub
  22. Warrior's Welcome Tavern
  23. The Squire's Solace Inn
  24. Medieval Mead Hall Pub
  25. The Royal Banquet Tavern
  26. Ye Olde Oak Inn
  27. The Huntsman's Hearth Pub
  28. Mystical Marketplace Tavern
  29. The King's Court Inn
  30. The Yeoman's Alehouse Pub

Fantasy Tavern Names

Step into a world of magic and enchantment with these fantastical names for your tavern straight out of a fantasy realm:

  1. Elven Elixir Inn
  2. Dragon's Breath Pub
  3. Crystal Cauldron Tavern
  4. Wizard's Whimsy Pub
  5. Unicorn's Horn Inn
  6. Fey Folklore Tavern
  7. Orcish Alehouse Pub
  8. Phoenix Flare Inn
  9. Goblin's Grub Tavern
  10. Siren's Song Pub
  11. Magician's Mist Tavern
  12. Hydra's Hearth Pub
  13. Mage's Mirage Inn
  14. Pixie's Pint Tavern
  15. Kraken's Kracken Pub
  16. Enchanted Oak Inn
  17. Frost Giant's Goblet Tavern
  18. Faerie Fire Pub
  19. Centaur's Cup Inn
  20. Phoenix Feather Tavern
  21. Spellbound Spirit Pub
  22. Druid's Draught Tavern
  23. Wyvern's Roost Pub
  24. Alchemy Altar Inn
  25. Griffin's Grove Tavern
  26. Witch's Whistle Pub
  27. Potion Pot Inn
  28. Dwarven Drum Tavern
  29. Harpy's Haven Pub
  30. Mermaid's Mug Inn

Historic Tavern Name Ideas

Embrace the past with these historic-themed names for your tavern that pay homage to bygone eras:

  1. Victorian Vanguard Inn
  2. Renaissance Revelry Tavern
  3. Tudor Tales Pub
  4. Pioneer's Platter Inn
  5. Roaring Twenties Tavern
  6. Colonial Corner Pub
  7. Middle Ages Manor Inn
  8. Industrial Era Inn Pub
  9. Roanoke Pub
  10. Wild West Whiskey Tavern
  11. Prohibition Port Inn
  12. Imperial Empire Tavern
  13. Gatsby's Galore Pub
  14. Jazz Age Joint Tavern
  15. Regency Rendezvous Inn
  16. Plantation Pouch Pub
  17. Celtic Crossroads Tavern
  18. Revolutionary Road Pub
  19. Cosmopolitan Speakeasy Tavern
  20. Byzantine Bash Pub
  21. Trojan Tavern
  22. Memphis Matinee Inn
  23. Mexican Riviera Pub
  24. Admiral's Arms Tavern
  25. Medieval Marvel Pub
  26. Romanesque Retreat Tavern
  27. Prairie Potter Inn
  28. Viking Victory Tavern
  29. Majestic Mayflower Pub
  30. Feudal Feast Tavern

Adventure Theme Tavern Names

Embark on an exciting journey with these adventure-themed names for your tavern that will transport your guests to thrilling escapades:

  1. Explorer's Retreat Inn
  2. Trailblazer's Tavern
  3. Questing Quaff Pub
  4. Lore Seeker's Inn
  5. Legends & Lagers Tavern
  6. Hero's Hearth Pub
  7. Adventurer's Alehouse Inn
  8. Voyager's Vault Pub
  9. Trekker's Tavern
  10. Swashbuckler's Saloon Pub
  11. Pathfinder's Inn
  12. Discovery Den Tavern
  13. Journeyman's Jug Pub
  14. Wanderlust Whiskey Tavern
  15. Odyssey Oasis Inn
  16. Daring Dragoon Pub
  17. Conqueror's Cove Tavern
  18. Crusader's Cup Pub
  19. Chronicle's Chalice Inn
  20. Explorer's End Tavern
  21. Quest Knight's Quaff Pub
  22. Saga Sip Tavern
  23. Odyssey Orphan Inn
  24. Adventure Alehouse Pub
  25. Champion's Chamber Tavern
  26. Venture Valhalla Pub
  27. Trailblazer's Teapot Tavern
  28. Legends Loft Pub
  29. Heroic Hearth Tavern
  30. Explorer's Elixir Inn

Seaside Tavern Name Ideas

Bring a touch of coastal charm to your tavern with these seaside-inspired names that capture the essence of the ocean:

  1. Sandy Shoreline Inn
  2. Wave Whisperer Pub
  3. Saltwater Serenade Tavern
  4. Seashell Saunter Inn
  5. Driftwood Drinkery Pub
  6. Coral Cove Tavern
  7. Mermaid's Melody Inn
  8. Seabreeze Saloon Pub
  9. Lighthouse Libation Tavern
  10. Maritime Moonshine Inn
  11. Coastal Cove Pub
  12. Tidepool Tumbler Tavern
  13. Anchor's Away Inn
  14. Seaglass Sip Tavern
  15. Cape Cod Cocktails Pub
  16. Saltspray Saloon Tavern
  17. Siren's Song Inn
  18. Nautical Nectar Pub
  19. Deckside Driftwood Tavern
  20. Aquamarine Alehouse Inn
  21. Seafarer's Spirit Pub
  22. Cruise Ship Cask Tavern
  23. Wharfside Whiskey Inn
  24. Breezy Bay Pub
  25. Pelican's Perch Tavern
  26. Shoreline Shanty Inn
  27. Tidal Temptations Pub
  28. Marina Mist Tavern
  29. Seashore Swig Inn
  30. Cliffside Coasters Pub

Mountain Lodge Tavern Names

Embrace the cozy charm of a mountain lodge with these names for your tavern that evoke the rustic beauty of the highlands:

  1. Alpine Ascent Inn
  2. Snowcapped Summit Pub
  3. Evergreen Escape Tavern
  4. Mountain Mist Lodge
  5. Whispering Pines Pub
  6. Rocky Ridge Tavern
  7. Fir & Flannel Inn
  8. Rustic Retreat Pub
  9. Cabin Cozy Tavern
  10. Peaks & Pints Inn
  11. Timberline Taps Pub
  12. Wilderness Whiskey Tavern
  13. Cascade Cabin Inn
  14. Frosty Firs Pub
  15. Valley Vista Tavern
  16. Mountain Moonshine Inn
  17. Log Lodge Pub
  18. Summit Spirits Tavern
  19. Woodland Whispers Inn
  20. Mountain Majesty Pub
  21. Cozy Crag Tavern
  22. Peakside Pours Inn
  23. Cragside Corner Pub
  24. Maple Mountain Tavern
  25. Adventurer's Amble Inn
  26. Steep Slope Saloon Pub
  27. Stone & Pine Tavern
  28. Alpine Alehouse Inn
  29. Treeline Tipples Pub
  30. Mountaintop Tavern

Pirate-Themed Tavern Name Ideas

Set sail on the high seas of imagination with these swashbuckling pirate-themed names for your tavern:

  1. Blackbeard's Bounty Inn
  2. Jolly Roger's Rum Pub
  3. Skull & Crossbones Tavern
  4. Treasure Trove Pub
  5. Pirate's Plunder Inn
  6. Sea Dog's Stash Pub
  7. Buccaneer's Booty Tavern
  8. Rogue Wave Pub
  9. The Salty Scoundrel Inn
  10. Rum Runner's Tavern
  11. Corsair's Cove Pub
  12. Privateer's Port Inn
  13. The Looted Lexicon Pub
  14. The Marauder's Mug Tavern
  15. Swashbuckler's Swig Pub
  16. Booty Bay Inn
  17. Neptune's Nectar Pub
  18. Maritime Marauder Tavern
  19. Captain's Quarters Inn
  20. Pirate's Paradise Pub
  21. Seadog's Siren Tavern
  22. Barnacle's Brew Pub
  23. Stormy Seas Tavern
  24. Brigand's Bounty Inn
  25. Shipwreck's Sip Pub
  26. Deckhand's Delight Tavern
  27. Mizzen Mast Inn
  28. Sloop's Secret Pub
  29. Ahoy Anchor Tavern
  30. The Crow's Nest Pub

Speakeasy Style Tavern Names

Transport your guests to the Roaring Twenties with these clandestine and elegant speakeasy-style names for your tavern:

  1. The Secret Cellar Inn
  2. Wise Guy's Whiskey Pub
  3. Bootlegger's Ballroom Tavern
  4. Swanky Sip Pub
  5. Prohibition Parlor Inn
  6. Gatsby's Gin Joint Pub
  7. Flapper's Fizz Tavern
  8. Blind Tiger Tavern
  9. Rumrunner's Roost Inn
  10. Jazz Age Joint Pub
  11. Bootleg Barley Tavern
  12. Speakeasy Saloon Pub
  13. Underground Whiskey Inn
  14. Whispering Whiskey Tavern
  15. Swingin' Spirits Pub
  16. Sly Siren Inn
  17. The Roaring Rum Tavern
  18. Tommy Gun Taproom Pub
  19. 21 Club Tavern
  20. Rum Row Inn
  21. The Green Mill Pub
  22. Speakeasy Social Tavern
  23. Flapper's Frolic Inn
  24. Hidden Hooch Pub
  25. Prohibition Palate Tavern
  26. Bootlegger's Bliss Inn
  27. Sleek & Sassy Pub
  28. Capone's Hideout Tavern
  29. The Velvet Vibe Pub
  30. Blind Alley Inn

Brewery-Based Tavern Name Ideas

Bring the essence of a brewery to your tavern with these names inspired by the craft of brewing and beer:

  1. Hop Head Haven Inn
  2. Crafty Keg Pub
  3. Alehouse Abbey Tavern
  4. Lager Loft Pub
  5. Stout Stave Inn
  6. Fermenter's Flair Tavern
  7. Hops & Hounds Pub
  8. Foamy Fin Tavern
  9. Flavor Forge Inn
  10. Brewing Barrel Pub
  11. Mash Maker Tavern
  12. Brewmaster's Brine Pub
  13. Bubble & Boil Tavern
  14. Draught Dwell Inn
  15. Taproom Tribute Pub
  16. Brew Bunker Tavern
  17. Hop Harvest Inn
  18. Malt Mile Pub
  19. Cask Corner Tavern
  20. Ale Artistry Inn
  21. Brewsmith's Best Pub
  22. Yeast Yarn Tavern
  23. Barley Bliss Inn
  24. Pint Perfect Pub
  25. Draft Delight Tavern
  26. Frothy Fun Inn
  27. Brew Badge Pub
  28. Hoppy Haven Tavern
  29. Brewery Bridge Pub
  30. Stout Stag Tavern

Wine-Themed Tavern Names

Uncork the elegance with these wine-inspired names that bring a touch of sophistication to your tavern:

  1. Vineyard Vino Inn
  2. Cabernet Corner Pub
  3. Pinot Noir Parlor Tavern
  4. Chardonnay Cellar Pub
  5. Riesling Ridge Inn
  6. Sauvignon Sip Tavern
  7. Merlot Manor Pub
  8. Zinfandel Zest Tavern
  9. Malbec Mystique Inn
  10. Syrah Symphony Pub
  11. Chateau Cabernet Tavern
  12. Petit Verdot Place Pub
  13. Sparkling Shiraz Tavern
  14. Pinot Grigio Parlor Inn
  15. Grenache Grove Pub
  16. Viognier Vintage Tavern
  17. Moscato Moonlight Pub
  18. Sangiovese Serenade Tavern
  19. Nebbiolo Nectar Inn
  20. Tempranillo Terrace Pub
  21. Prosecco Prelude Tavern
  22. Champagne Cascade Inn
  23. Nero d'Avola Nobility Pub
  24. Gewürztraminer Garden Tavern
  25. Carménère Courtyard Pub
  26. Rosé Retreat Tavern
  27. Barolo Balcony Inn
  28. Grüner Veltliner Venue Pub
  29. Sancerre Sanctuary Tavern
  30. White Zinfandel Wharf Inn

Key Tips for Naming Your Tavern

Naming your tavern is a big decision. Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect name:

  • Reflect Your Theme: Choose a name that matches your tavern's theme or atmosphere. For example, if you have a medieval theme, pick a name that sounds old-fashioned.
  • Keep It Simple: A simple, easy-to-remember name is best. Avoid long or complicated names.
  • Consider Your Audience: Think about who will be visiting your tavern. Pick a name that will appeal to them.
  • Make It Unique: Check to see if other taverns in your area have similar names. A unique name will help you stand out.
  • Think About the Future: Choose a name that will still make sense as your tavern grows and evolves. Avoid trendy names that might not age well.
  • Check Availability: Make sure the name you want is not already taken. This includes checking domain names for your website and social media handles.
  • Get Feedback: Ask friends, family, or potential customers what they think of your name ideas. They might offer valuable insights.
  • Say It Out Loud: Say the name out loud to see how it sounds. It should be easy to pronounce and pleasant to hear.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right name for your tavern sets the stage for its identity and appeal. With 540 ideas listed, you have a wide range of choices to consider. Use these suggestions to spark your creativity and find a name that fits your vision. Take your time, think about your target audience, and choose a name that stands out. A great name can help your tavern become a favorite spot for many.

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