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Alternatives Generator

Generate alternatives to better fit the context or tone of your email communication.

What Is an Alternatives Generator?

An Alternatives Generator is a tool designed to help you find different ways to say the same thing. This can be especially useful in professional settings, such as workplace emails, where it's important to communicate clearly and appropriately. People might use it to make sure their message fits the tone of their situation better, and to avoid saying the same thing the same way too often, which can get repetitive and boring.

While this tool can generate alternatives for any word or phrase, it's particularly good at finding new ways to say things that people often write in professional emails.

How to Use the Alternatives Generator?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the Alternatives Generator effectively.

Step 1: Enter Your Original Phrase

Start by typing the phrase you want to find alternatives for into the tool. This could be any phrase you commonly use in your professional emails or communications.

Step 2: Select The Desired Tone of the Alternatives

Choosing the right tone for your alternatives is crucial. It ensures the suggestions match the level of formality of your communication.


Formal tone is polished and professional, lacking slang or casual language. It's ideal for communications with senior management, external clients, or when addressing someone you've never met. Using formal alternatives can help convey respect and professionalism.


Semi-formal strikes a balance between casual and formal. It's suitable for emails to colleagues you're familiar with or when the conversation allows for a lighter tone. Semi-formal alternatives can help maintain professionalism while making the message more approachable.


Informal tone is casual and uses everyday language. It's best used with coworkers you have a close relationship with or in less formal company cultures. Informal alternatives can make your emails feel more personal and friendly.

Step 3: Generate Alternatives

Once you've set your parameters, press the "Generate Alternatives" button. The tool will present you with 5 alternatives that fit your criteria.

Step 4: Get More Alternatives if Needed

If the first set of alternatives doesn't quite meet your needs, you can press the "Get More" button located under the already provided alternatives. This will generate additional options for you to consider.

Technology Behind Rontar’s Alternatives Generator Tool

The engine driving Rontar's Alternatives Generator Tool is the advanced technology of artificial intelligence (AI). This AI analyzes the context and semantics of the input phrase to generate suitable alternatives that maintain the original meaning while offering a new way to express the idea.