Sell through Rontar.RTB

Rontar.RTB can monetize your website's inventory and sell it via RTB auction at the best price.

In a nutshell, RTB is an auction for every impression being sold. Advertisers bid for every impression in real-time, and the highest bid wins. This helps advertisers to buy only impressions for users they need, enabling publishers to maximize their incomes.

Our advertisers

Our advertisers include large, national brands and online stores.

Our partners' ads

In addition to our direct advertisers, our partners' advertisers also take part in RTB auctions. This enables us to increase our websites' incomes.

Our partners include the following companies:

How the ads look

Ads can be classic graphic banners or dynamic html5 featuring goods or services. Here are some examples:

  • 1 Dynamic banner
  • 2 Classic banner
What are the ad space sizes?

To maximize income, we recommend using the following ad space sizes:

  • 240x400px
  • 240x350px

These sizes are supported by us and by our partners, which is why they can maximize your income.

It’s possible to use other sizes as well (with reduced income):

  • 300x250px
  • 160x600px
  • 728x90px
  • 730x90px
Website requirements
  • 1 More than 300 unique visitors per day
  • 2 Paid hosting
  • 3 No illegal content
  • 4 Professional standards
Billing types

You can sell the inventory via CPM or CPC models. We recommend using both types to maximize income.

How to start?
  • 1Sign up as a publisher
  • 2 Add your website and ad spaces
  • 3 Wait for moderation (1 working day) - you will receive a confirmation email
  • 4 After the ad space has been added, you must set up a minimum CPM price, which you can do by going to the RTB tab. Set up the "Sell by CPC" option as well - this will maximize your income.

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact us and our specialists will be happy to help.

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