Finance Control (Rontar.Finance)

When selling advertising, it inevitably becomes necessary to decide on ways to manage your clients’ payments. Everyone does this differently.

Some keep records using an accounting program, some work with spreadsheets, and some don’t bother to keep records at all. The one disadvantage that all these methods of record keeping have in common, is that the accounting is in no way connected with the ad server.

That’s why we created Rontar.Finance, a financial accounting module that we built in, fully integrated with the Rontar ad server.

Billing your advertisers with your payment details

You can use it to bill your advertiser yourself, or they can do it using their control panel.

All your payment details will be included in the bill.

Payment Control

After you have received payment from an advertiser, you mark the bill as paid in the system, and the money is credited against the advertiser's account.

When the advertiser's account balance gets close to zero, the system can send him a notification on your behalf reminding him to make a payment.

Integration with the Rontar.Server

Rontar.Finance is readily available as a separate tab within the ad campaign management and can be configured for any single campaign.

In this case, you can configure the system so that as soon as the advertiser's balance is gone (or falls below a certain level, including the negative), their ad campaign will be disabled, and the advertiser will be sent a notification.

This is how we’ve achieved full integration of financial accounting with our Rontar ad server. Try it for yourself, today!