Content Retargeting

Nurture your visitors and increase your customer retention rate

Content retargeting will help you push your prospects through the sales funnel from a first-time visitor to a purchase and even further, nurturing your current customers and increasing your retention rate.

What are the benefits of Content Retargeting?
Nurture your visitors

Nurture your visitors and push them down the sales funnel by mapping different marketing materials to a particular buying stage on the customer journey.

Grow thought leadership

Grow thought leadership and stay top-of-mind among your prospects by delivering the right marketing materials at the right time.

Increase customer retention

Increase customer retention by constantly featuring your newest blog posts, ebooks, and webinars to your active customers.

Grow blog subscribers

Increase your blog subscriber numbers by retargeting your newest blog posts to your past visitors.

How does it work?
  • 1 A visitor comes to your website, views a few pages, then leaves.
  • 2 Depending on the visitor’s behavior on your website we calculate their purchase intent and what stage of the sales funnel they are at. Wherever they go on the Internet, they will see your ads with your newest blog posts (awareness stage), offer to download an ebook or attend an upcoming webinar (interest stage), your case studies (desire stage), or your product specific offer (action stage).
  • 3 The visitor interacts with your ads and moves through the sales funnel closer to the purchase.
  • 4 After a purchase is complete, we will keep showing the customer your latest blog posts, ebooks, webinars and other content to grow your thought leadership and increase customer retention rates.
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What do the ads look like?

There are two types of ads in Rontar. Static ads are used to feature your latest ebooks, webinars, cheat sheets, or case studies and can be either uploaded from your computer or designed using our built-in banner designer in your Rontar member’s panel.

Dynamic ads are used to feature your latest blog posts and are created automatically from your blog posts feed. Look at the sample:

  • 1 Your logo
  • 2 Blog post featured image
  • 3 Read more button
  • 4 Blog post title
Where will the ads be displayed?

We cooperate with the largest third-party networks like Google DoubleClick AdExchange and OpenX, enabling us to access a large number of websites worldwide. This makes it possible for Rontar to reach out to as many of your website's visitors as possible.

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