Modoza is a specialized online store of Italian footwear, brand clothing and bags created in 2009.

There are 30,000 pairs of men’s, women’s and children’s shoes from the new collections of Italian brands.

Dynamic Retargeting

A dynamic retargeting campaign has been started for the online store. There are two main objectives that can be achieved with campaigns like this one.

  • 1Increasing online store sales by returning and converting the visitors who interacted with the website but left without making a purchase.
  • 2Increasing brand awareness and loyalty among those users who previously visited the website.

  • 1CRR (Cost Revenue Ratio): 2.7%
  • 2Conversion Rate: 0.73%
  • 3Bounce Rate: 3.08%
  • 4Average Session Duration: 5 minutes 20 seconds
  • 5Pages / Session: 12.4
Ads Appearance