Affiliate program for Shopify Experts/Partners

If you’re a Shopify Expert/Partner, our affiliate program is an easy way to earn money. Offer your contacts our retargeting app, give out advertising vouchers, and receive commission when they spend money.

What we offer our partners

We offer you a revenue share of 5% of the total monthly expenditure of the stores you attract.

What we offer your clients

We will provide you with a set of vouchers of predefined amounts ($20, $50, $100), which you will be able to pass on to your clients. This will not only help you more easily attract a greater number of online stores to our retargeting app, but will give more weight to you as a Shopify Expert/Partner in the eyes of your clients.

How it works

Using our vouchers, you acquire new installs for the Rontar retargeting app and then receive a commission of the total monthly expenditure of the stores you attract. Here’s how it works in detail:

  • 1 Offer a voucher to an online store.
  • 2 Once the voucher has been applied, you will see the online store in your partner panel.
  • 3 Once the retargeting campaign has been started, you will receive commission on the lifetime expenditure of the store.
  • 4 Monitor your earnings in your partner panel, and receive payments once a month via PayPal.
How do you acquire installs for our app?

There are lots of different ways of promoting the app, starting with setting up an email campaign to reach all of your past and current clients, and ending with featuring our app on your website.

However, we recommend the following effective and simple promotion methods to all of our partners:

  • 1 Start an email campaign. The simplest way to acquire the first installs is by sending an email to all of your past and present clients. You could briefly describe how the app works, and why it’s important, as well as offering a bonus to your client. Such personal emails are usually very effective in terms of acquiring new installs.
  • 2 Personally offer vouchers to the largest online stores. The larger the online store, the greater the advertising spend, and the more your commission will be. Reach out to your largest clients in person and offer them a voucher.
Getting started

Getting started with us is easy:

  • 1 Contact us at, and provide us with your name, contact email, and website address.
  • 2 Once we’ve received your request, we’ll create a partner account for you and send you the login details.
  • 3 Everything is ready. You can now start attracting online stores right away!