Advertising solutions

Rontar offers all customers a set of tailored advertising solutions.

Online stores

For online stores, we offer the most effective solution:
Retargeting (static and dynamic), for visitor return and conversion rates optimization.

B2B and SaaS companies

For B2B and SaaS companies, we offer our Content Retargeting solution - the perfect tool to nurture visitors, increase customer retention, and grow thought leadership.


For blog owners wanting to re-engage their past visitors with new content, we offer our Blog Retargeting solution. It will help boost your newest posts, turn one-time visitors into repeated readers, and ultimately get them to subscribe.


Retargeting is an effective advertising tool based on the behavior of visitors to your website. We show ads for your website visitors to return them to the website and convert them into customers.

Content Retargeting

Content retargeting will help you push your prospects through the sales funnel from a first-time visitor to a purchase and even further, nurturing your current customers and increasing your retention rate.

Blog Retargeting

Blog retargeting will help you show your latest blog posts to your past visitors wherever they are on the Internet, return them back to your blog and convert them into subscribers.


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