Running Your Campaigns

We did our best to create a system for ad agencies that’s as convenient as possible. We offer agencies their own specially designed control panel where everything you need to work comfortably with web sites and advertisers is at your fingertips.

Easy ad campaign creation

Ad campaign creation takes place on a single page. Here you can select an advertiser, a web site, an ad space and specify all ad campaign settings.

Ad packages

Web site owners can sell ad packages, which place a specific, guaranteed number of impressions under your control.

For example, a web site owner could create and offer you an ad package with the following parameters:

  • Impressions number: 20% of overall number
  • Geography: New York
  • Time of day: from 10.00 till 19.00

You could then choose to run your ad campaigns using this ad package.

By guaranteeing a specific volume of impressions, our ad packages platform helps you run your campaigns with confidence.

Client access

If you wish, you can also provide access for your client (the advertiser) to manage/view their ad campaign.

For example, you could offer access just for statistics, or give access to upload creatives as well‚ it's all up to you. An advertiser can log in to their own control panel and perform the actions you’ve given them access to.

You can even send emails with control panel login data right from within the system. It really is that easy.

Adding new web sites

If you're running an ad campaign on a web site that doesn't yet use Rontar, an account for this website will be created automatically.

You can provide the web site owner access to his control panel where he can view statistics and perform other actions.

And just as with client access, an email with login data can be sent directly from the system.

Try it today and see how much easier it is to create your campaigns, with Rontar.