Build your own private ad networks and earn money with us using Rontar.RTB

We provide agencies with three main options:

  • 1 Publishing your customers’ ads using Rontar.RTB
  • 2 Using our Rontar.Server technology for direct ad publishing on your websites
  • 3 Building your own private ad network with the help of our Rontar.AdNetworks technology

What we offer:

Common ad platform

Common ad platform, based on RTB technologies, to work with all major ad networks

High quality media planning

We provide high quality media planning for your ad campaigns, taking into account your target audience and their needs. This will allow you to achieve long-term relationships with your clients, as well as positively influencing the number of sales

Handy interface

You will be able to control the quantitative and qualitative parameters of the running ad campaign on your own

Ad management capabilities

The ability to manage all the parameters of the running ad campaigns (including CPM/CPC settings, number of impressions and targeting)

Maximizing ROI

Our bidding algorithms will help maximize ROI and increase sales by up to 5 times

Why us:

Powerful ad platform

Our powerful, personally developed and supported ad platform guarantees stable and reliable work


Our DSP has been designed and developed by our own team of engineers, which allows us to meet all the clients’ needs and improve effectiveness on a daily basis


We have acquired a great deal of experience working with clients in almost every segment of the market: e-commerce, fashion, banking, auto, real estate, goods for moms and children, etc.

Personal manager

You will be provided with a personal manager who will help you set up and optimize your ad campaigns. Your manager will keep you up-to-date with the results of the running ad campaigns

Technical support

We provide quality technical support to our clients

How do you start working with us?

We are happy to cooperate with anyone who runs ad campaigns for their clients. Among our clients are full cycle ad agencies, internet advertising agencies, web studios, and ad networks. Join us.

Starting with us is easy:

  • 1 Sign up as an ad agency. After the registration has been confirmed, you will receive access to your agency account
  • 2 You will be granted access to an agency interface, where you will be able to manage your clients’ ad campaigns
  • 3 Agency discounts are discussed individually