Rontar will reach your target audience wherever and whenever...
with the help of RTB technology!

Advertisers often ask us: what is RTB and how does it work? RTB provides 2 main advantages for advertisers:
- The ability to show ads to advertisers' customers on almost any website they visit - through extremely high coverage obtained via RTB integration with major ad networks
- The ability to show ads for the lowest price - through an auction bidding model

These 2 things give RTB its biggest advantage when compared to ordinary ad networks - we can find your customers among millions of people and show them your ads for the best price.


What we offer:

Increased Conversions

Increase conversions by up to 5 times using retargeting and dynamic retargeting

Personal account manager

You will have your own personal account manager, who will help with campaign management and optimization. Communicate via a variety of methods – including by phone

Personal account

You will have access to your personal account via our system, with all the features you need for your campaign management and control

Auction price

The price is determined by auction. You will not pay any more than the exact price required to achieve the desired results.

Why us:

Extensive coverage

Almost maximum user coverage through various RTB partner integrations

Easy management

All necessary campaign settings – everything needed for maximum efficiency


We run hundreds of ad campaigns for various customers: online stores, services, brands

Technical support

Responsive technical support online and by phone

5 steps to start your RTB ad campaign
  • 1 Select an ad product
  • 2 Get access to your personal account
  • 3 Create your campaign by yourself or with the help of your Rontar account manager
  • 4 Set price (CPC or CPM) and targeting
  • 5 Get real-time statistics