Rontar is an adtech company specializing in performance marketing for eCommerce and other types of businesses, aiming to increase their number of leads and sales.

Rontar advertisers have access to more than 80,000 websites worldwide. Rontar has its own ad network of about 500 websites and cooperates with the largest third-party networks via RTB protocol.

Rontar offers 3 major products to advertisers: Dynamic Retargeting, Content Retargeting, and Blog Retargeting. All products have extensive targeting options, such as gender, age, geo and many others.

Rontar serves its customers with the following aims:
  • — Increasing conversion rates
  • — Returning visitors to websites and transforming them into customers
  • — Increasing sales
  • — Optimizing ROI
  • — Reaching the right audience
  • — Decreasing conversions cost (CPO) up to 3 times using bidding optimization

Rontar mission — to maximize advertising efficiency using innovative technologies.


RTB ecosystem


A user visits a website that uses SSP – SSP sends a request to Rontar, which analyzes advertiser information and user data from DMP – Bid comparison and winner selection happens – An ad is displayed to the user. The whole process takes less than 100ms while a web page is being loaded.


We have more than 500 companies among our customers. These include large national companies, advertising agencies and small online stores.


Our Partners