10 Synonyms for “Token of Appreciation”

In the professional world, saying “thank you” is important. But sometimes, “thank you” alone doesn’t quite capture the depth of our gratitude.

This article explores 10 different ways to say “token of appreciation,” offering synonyms that fit various professional settings. These alternatives will help you convey your gratitude effectively, whether through email, notes, or verbal acknowledgment.

Is It Professional to Say “Token of Appreciation”?

The phrase “token of appreciation” is seen as professional, formal, and polite. It’s a respectful way to acknowledge someone’s effort, support, or contribution. This phrase fits well in situations where you aim to express gratitude formally. It’s suitable for use in both workplace environments and in formal personal contexts.

We recommend using this phrase with colleagues, clients, volunteers, or even personal acquaintances in more formal settings. This phrase works well in written communications such as emails, letters, and even formal notes or cards.


Dear Mr. Thompson,

I wanted to extend a small token of appreciation for your continued partnership and trust in our company. Your support has been invaluable to us.

Thank you again for everything.

Best Regards,
Emily Patterson


  • It conveys a high level of respect and formality.
  • Helps in clearly expressing gratitude without overstating.
  • Suitable for a wide range of formal settings and recipients.


  • May feel overly formal or distant in more casual settings.
  • Could seem generic without additional personalized messages.
  • Not ideal for expressing deep or personal gratitude.

While “token of appreciation” is a respectful and formal way to express gratitude, one might seek alternatives to inject more warmth or personal touch into the message. Especially in close relationships or more casual contexts, using synonyms or alternative phrases could help convey a more intimate or heartfelt appreciation.

10 Other Ways to Say “Token of Appreciation”

Looking for a way to express your gratitude professionally? Here are 10 alternatives to “token of appreciation” that will fit seamlessly into workplace communication:

  1. Small gesture of thanks
  2. Expression of gratitude
  3. Sign of appreciation
  4. Thank you gift
  5. Appreciation note
  6. Gestures of thanks
  7. Appreciation token
  8. Thank you note
  9. Recognition gift
  10. Gratitude present

1. Small Gesture of Thanks

Compared to “token of appreciation,” “small gesture of thanks” comes off as slightly less formal, but remains professional and polite. This synonym is perfect when you want to convey a sense of personal gratitude without overdoing formalities. It’s best used in situations where the act of appreciation is modest, such as for a small favor or routine assistance. This phrase subtly emphasizes the personal touch behind the gesture.

This alternative is suitable for colleagues, team members, and clients. It works well in emails, notes, and even during meetings.


Dear Allison,

I just wanted to express a small gesture of thanks for your help with the project last week.

Warm regards,

2. Expression of Gratitude

“Expression of gratitude” is a formal and professional way to say “token of appreciation”. This alternative is ideal for situations where the gratitude being expressed is deep or for a significant act. It conveys a strong sense of acknowledgment without sounding too personal. This expression fits nicely into formal emails, letters, or even speeches directed at individuals or groups for notable contributions.

It is predominantly used in professional settings among colleagues, higher-ups, or partners, especially in formal correspondences and announcements.


Dear Team,

Your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Please accept this expression of gratitude for all that you've done.

Mr. Henderson

3. Sign of Appreciation

Similar to “token of appreciation,” “sign of appreciation” retains a professional, albeit slightly more informal tone. This phrase suggests a direct acknowledgment of someone’s effort or contribution. It’s particularly suitable in contexts where the appreciation is for specific actions, making it less about the gift and more about the sentiment.

This alternative works well with both internal team members and external partners, ideally communicated through written mediums such as emails or cards.


Dear Julia,

As a sign of appreciation for your dedication, we've arranged a small surprise for you.


4. Thank You Gift

“Thank you gift” is definitely more informal but remains professional and polite when used appropriately. This synonym directly indicates a tangible form of gratitude, making it excellent for occasions where an actual gift is given. It’s less about the expression through words and more about the action of giving. This phrase is perfect for closer workplace relationships or when the gesture is more personal.

Suitable for colleagues or clients, particularly in settings where a physical gift is presented, like during a meeting or as a surprise.


Hi Connor,

We've prepared a thank you gift for your incredible work on the project.


5. Appreciation Note

An “appreciation note” leans towards a more informal, yet professional means of expressing gratitude, ideal for when you prefer a personal touch. This synonym emphasizes the message over the medium, suggesting a handwritten or personal email over a generic thank-you. This alternative is best suited when acknowledging routine contributions, everyday support, or as a follow-up to verbal appreciation.

Best used with colleagues, clients, or partners primarily through email or handwritten notes. It reinforces a personal connection.


Dear Michelle,

Please find attached an appreciation note for your relentless support.

With gratitude,

6. Gestures of Thanks

“Gestures of thanks” broadens the scope of gratitude, making it formal but adaptable to both professional and informal environments. This phrase is versatile, suitable for multiple small acts of kindness or contributions rather than a single, significant action. It conveys appreciation for a series of efforts, encompassing anything from daily assistance to ongoing support.

This alternative is applicable across a range of recipients, from team members to vendors, and is effectively conveyed in emails, letters, or during team meetings.


Dear Team,

Your hard work and dedication deserve special recognition. As gestures of thanks, we have planned something special for you all.


7. Appreciation Token

“Appreciation token” is very similar to “token of appreciation” but spins the wording for slight nuance. This synonym maintains a professional and formal tone, suited for acknowledging substantial contributions or milestones. It slightly shifts the focus more onto the tangible aspect of gratitude, hinting at a physical or material gesture. This phrase works well in formal acknowledgments or alongside awards.

Perfect for communicating with employees, clients, or partners, especially when accompanying an award or gift, primarily through formal letters or emails.


Dear Steven,

In recognition of your achievements, we are presenting you with an appreciation token.

Kind regards,

8. Thank You Note

“Thank you note” is a formal yet personal alternative, hinting at more personalized gratitude. It’s less about the size or value of the gesture and more about the thoughtfulness behind it. This phrase is particularly effective for individual acknowledgment and resonates well in a setting where personal effort is being recognized. It’s straightforward and sincere.

Ideal for use among team members, mentors, or collaborators, usually conveyed through handwritten notes or personalized emails.


Dear Carl,

This thank you note is just a small way to express my sincere appreciation for your mentorship.


9. Recognition Gift

“Recognition gift” conveys a professional and formal message similar to “token of appreciation,” but with the emphasis on both the recognition and the material gesture. This synonym is suited for acknowledging specific achievements or milestones. It’s more appropriate for formal settings where the physical gift symbolizes the company’s gratitude towards an individual’s contributions.

Suitable for presenting to employees, clients, or team members usually during events, ceremonies, or as a formal gesture within the workplace.


Dear Rebecca,

Please accept this recognition gift as a testament to your exceptional performance this quarter.


10. Gratitude Present

The “gratitude present” synonym is a blend between informal and professional, tilted more towards tangible forms of showing appreciation. It’s a warm, personal way to acknowledge someone’s efforts or contribution, placing emphasis on the ‘present’ aspect. This alternative is most fitting when there is a physical gift involved, and when the scenario allows for a more personal approach.

This phrase is applicable to a wide range of contexts, from team members for their hard work, to clients for their loyalty, and is most effectively communicated in person or through a personal email or note.


Hi Greg,

We wanted to give you a gratitude present for your unwavering support and hard work.


Final Thoughts

Finding the right way to express gratitude in the workplace is key to maintaining good relationships. The phrases listed above serve as great alternatives to “token of appreciation,” each fitting a variety of situations and tones. Choosing the correct synonym depends on your message’s formality, the gesture’s magnitude, and your relationship with the recipient.

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