9 Synonyms for “It Was a Pleasure Working With You”

At the end of a project or collaboration, it’s important to express appreciation to those you worked with. Saying “It was a pleasure working with you” is a common and respectful way to do this. But sometimes, you might want to say it differently.

In this article, we will explore nine other ways to convey your thanks and potentially make your message stand out more.

Is It Professional to Say “It Was a Pleasure Working With You”?

Yes, saying “it was a pleasure working with you” is considered professional, formal or informal depending on the context, and polite. This phrase is versatile and can be used with a variety of recipients, including but not limited to colleagues, clients, and partners. The suitability of the phrase largely depends on the tone and context of the communication. It fits well in emails, letters, and even verbal discussions, making it a handy phrase in professional settings.

Here is an example:

Hello Emily,

Thank you for your collaboration on the recent project. Your insights and hard work significantly contributed to our success. It was a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to future projects together.

Best regards,


  • Expresses appreciation and satisfaction with the collaboration.
  • Helps to maintain a positive relationship with the recipient.
  • Appropriate for a wide range of situations and recipients.


  • May be considered too generic or impersonal in certain contexts.
  • Could be interpreted differently based on cultural differences.

Sometimes, a person might want to choose an alternative phrase to “It was a pleasure working with you.” This could be because they seek a way to convey a more personalized or specific sentiment, or perhaps they want to avoid repetition if they’ve used this phrase often.

9 Other Ways to Say “It Was a Pleasure Working With You”

Finding the right words to express your appreciation can make a big difference in professional communication. Here are nine alternatives to “It was a pleasure working with you” that cover a range of tones and contexts:

  1. It was great working with you
  2. I enjoyed working with you
  3. It was a great experience working with you
  4. Thank you for our work together
  5. It was a pleasure to collaborate with you
  6. Look forward to working together again
  7. I appreciate the teamwork
  8. I am glad we worked together
  9. Loved working together

1. It was great working with you

This phrase is very similar to the original, but it adds a bit more enthusiasm. It’s both professional and polite, making it suitable for emails, letters, and even in verbal conversations after completing a project. This alternative is especially good when you want to keep the message upbeat but still maintain a professional tone.

This alternative works well with team members, clients, or any professional contact.

Here’s an example:

Hello Marc,

The project we just wrapped up was challenging, but incredibly rewarding. It was great working with you and seeing everything come together. Thanks for your hard work.

Best wishes,

2. I enjoyed working with you

This alternative feels a bit more personal and suggests a sense of enjoyment in the collaboration. It’s great for when you want to convey a warmer sentiment to someone you had a good rapport with during the project. This choice leans slightly towards the informal side but remains highly professional and polite.

It’s best used in situations where the working relationship had a positive atmosphere. This phrase can be sent through email or mentioned in meetings, particularly with colleagues or clients you’re familiar with.


Hello Sophia,

Wrapping up today's project, I just wanted to say I enjoyed working with you. Your insights were invaluable. Let’s keep in touch for future projects.


3. It was a great experience working with you

This synonym emphasizes the experience aspect of the collaboration. It conveys appreciation and is both professional and polite. This phrase would be particularly fitting for reflecting on a project that offered learning opportunities or unique challenges.

The phrase is perfect for emails or as part of a farewell message to a coworker leaving the team. It’s most suitable for professional relationships where the work together led to growth and learning.

Here’s a sample message:

Hello Jordan,

As this project comes to a close, I want to recognize the journey. It was a great experience working with you, and I’ve learned a lot. Here’s to future endeavors!


4. Thank you for our work together

This alternative is a simple and direct way to express gratitude. It’s formal, professional, and polite. It suggests an equal contribution to the work and is less about the pleasure of the process and more about the appreciation of the joint effort.

It’s best used in a professional setting, especially in emails or notes of appreciation, where you want to acknowledge the teamwork specifically. This can apply to colleagues, supervisors, or collaborative partners.

Email example:

Hello Alan,

As we conclude our project, thank you for our work together. Your expertise made a significant difference. Hope to collaborate again soon.

Kind regards,

5. It was a pleasure to collaborate with you

This phrase is nearly identical to the original but shifts the focus slightly to the act of collaborating. It’s formal, professional, and polite, ideal for expressing satisfaction with the partnership. This alternative is perfect when the collaboration was particularly fruitful or enjoyable.

Use it in formal emails or letters, especially with clients, partners, or team members with whom you’ve completed a significant project.

Here’s how you might use it:

Hello Olivia,

Completing this project was a milestone for our team. It was a pleasure to collaborate with you. Your dedication was key to our success.

Warmest regards,

6. Look forward to working together again

This alternative is less about the past and more about the future. It’s professional and polite, indicating a desire to maintain a working relationship. This phrase is excellent for when you want to leave the door open for future opportunities.

It suits emails or verbal conversations at the end of a project or when parting ways with a colleague who may return or collaborate on future ventures.


Hello Nina,

Thank you for your hard work on this project. Look forward to working together again in the future. Your contributions have been invaluable.

All the best,

7. I appreciate the teamwork

This statement focuses on the effort of the team as a whole. It’s formal, professional, and polite. It’s particularly effective in circumstances where the collective effort was more significant than individual contributions. This phrase shows gratitude toward each team member’s involvement.

It’s well-suited for team emails, meetings, or as part of a project debrief, especially when you want to celebrate the team’s effort and success.


Dear Team,

As we wrap up this phase, I appreciate the teamwork that led us here. Your commitment and energy have been remarkable.


8. I am glad we worked together

This alternative feels more personal and informal, yet it remains professional and polite. It’s a good choice when you’ve developed a stronger relationship with a colleague or client. This phrase emphasizes your personal satisfaction with the collaboration.

This is best used in one-on-one emails or messages, particularly with someone you’ve formed a good working relationship with and wish to express a more personal note of appreciation.

Here is how you might use it:

Hi Mia,

Now that our project is complete, I want to express my personal gratitude. I am glad we worked together, and I’m looking forward to our paths crossing again.

Warm wishes,

9. Loved working together

This phrase is the most informal out of all the alternatives but still remains professional when used in the right context. It conveys strong positive feelings towards the collaboration. It’s perfect for when you’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process and developed a friendly rapport with your colleague or client.

It’s particularly suited for less formal emails or messages, ideally with colleagues or clients you’ve built a friendly and close relationship with over time.


Hey Jordan,

Just a quick note as we finish up – loved working together on this one. Here’s to hoping we get the chance to do it again soon!


Final Thoughts

Choosing the right words to express gratitude after working with someone can strengthen professional relationships and leave a positive impression. The alternatives listed give you a variety of ways to say “It was a pleasure working with you,” each with its suitable context and tone. Whether you opt for a formal expression or something more personal, the key is to be sincere.

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