10 Professional Synonyms for “Excited to See You”

In the professional world, the way we express our excitement to meet or work with others can greatly impact the tone of our interactions. Choosing the right words for an email or message is key to maintaining professionalism and politeness.

This article lists 10 alternative ways to say “excited to see you” that are suitable for the workplace. Each alternative is explored in detail, providing examples and guidelines on when and how to use them effectively.

Is It Professional to Say “Excited to See You”?

The phrase “excited to see you” is generally considered informal and polite, making it more suited to casual or semi-formal interactions rather than strictly formal ones. It conveys a warm and welcoming tone, ideal for situations where a friendly rapport is present or being developed.

This phrase fits best in communications with colleagues you have a good relationship with, in less formal corporate cultures, or in messages that aim to build or strengthen a connection. It’s most appropriately used in emails, messages, or during video calls where the tone can be more relaxed.

Here is an example:

Hi Samantha,

Just a quick note to say I'm excited to see you at the conference next week!



  • Shows enthusiasm and a positive outlook.
  • Helps to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere.
  • Conveys anticipation in a warm manner.


  • May be seen as too casual in very formal settings.
  • Could be misinterpreted depending on the relationship with the recipient.
  • Not suitable for all types of professional communication.

While “excited to see you” is effective in many situations, one might consider using a synonym or an alternative phrase to match the tone of more formal or traditional settings. Selecting the right terminology can ensure that the message is well-received, while still conveying anticipation and a positive rapport.

10 Other Ways to Say “Excited to See You”

Here are 10 professional alternatives to “excited to see you” that are perfectly suited for workplace emails:

  1. Looking forward to our meeting
  2. Eager to connect soon
  3. Can’t wait to collaborate
  4. Anticipating our next discussion
  5. Excited about our upcoming session
  6. Thrilled at the prospect of meeting
  7. Keen to catch up
  8. Enthusiastic about our consultation
  9. Optimistic about our future engagement
  10. Hopeful for our forthcoming rendezvous

1. Looking forward to our meeting

This phrase is a professional and polite synonym that carries a similar meaning to “excited to see you” but with a slightly more formal tone. It suggests anticipation without being overly casual.

It’s typically used in emails or messages leading up to a planned meeting or event. This alternative is ideal for correspondents with whom you have an established professional relationship. It’s suitable for emails, formal letters, or even conference call invitations.


Dear Team,

Just a quick note to say I'm looking forward to our meeting on Monday. We have a lot to cover, and I'm eager to hear your updates.


2. Eager to connect soon

This option is equally professional and conveys a sense of anticipation and readiness to engage with the recipient. It’s slightly less formal than “looking forward to our meeting,” making it versatile for various types of professional communications.

Eager to connect soon is best when you’re setting up a first-time meeting or follow-up, especially with new clients or colleagues. This phrase works well in emails, LinkedIn messages, or as part of a meeting request.


Hi Margaret,

Hope all is well. Just wanted to express that I'm eager to connect soon and discuss our project further.

Best regards,

3. Can’t wait to collaborate

This alternative is informal yet remains professional enough to be used in workplace settings where a friendly team atmosphere is valued. It indicates a strong desire to work together and achieve mutual goals.

This phrase is ideally suited for messages among team members or with partners where there’s an existing rapport. It fits well in team emails or project planning messages.


Hello All,

I wanted to let you know I can't wait to collaborate on our upcoming project. Your expertise will surely lead to great results.


4. Anticipating our next discussion

This is a more formal and polite way of expressing excitement and is perfect for preceding a discussion that is expected to have significant outcomes. It suggests a thoughtful and reflective enthusiasm for what’s to come.

Suitable for communications with senior management, clients, or in scenarios where the nature of the upcoming discussion is critical or strategic. This phrase is most fitting for emails or formal letters.


Dear Colleagues,

As we approach our quarterly review, I find myself anticipating our next discussion. Your insights will be invaluable as always.


5. Excited about our upcoming session

This alternative strikes a balance between enthusiasm and professionalism, making it another polite synonym for “excited to see you”. It carries an upbeat tone, suitable for educational settings or creative collaborations.

It’s best used when referring to workshops, seminars, or team-building sessions with colleagues or industry peers. Perfect for emails, event invites, or as part of educational course coordination communications.


Dear Participants,

I'm excited about our upcoming session together. Your engagement and creativity are what make these workshops so rewarding.


6. Thrilled at the prospect of meeting

This phrase emphasizes a high level of enthusiasm and is both professional and polite. It’s slightly more formal and conveys anticipation in a manner that’s suitable for first-time meetings with clients or partners.

This alternative is particularly appealing for use in communications where you’re looking to make a positive, impactful first impression. Ideal for email correspondence, especially when setting up initial consultations or introductory meetings.


Dear Valerie,

I'm thrilled at the prospect of meeting you next week to discuss potential collaboration opportunities.

Kind regards,

7. Keen to catch up

A bit more informal than the original phrase, “keen to catch up” is perfect for situations where there’s a pre-existing relationship or informal rapport. It’s still professional and polite, suggesting a genuine interest in the receiver’s updates or news.

This phrase is well-suited for emails or messages to colleagues with whom you’ve worked closely or have had a friendly working relationship. Also works well in team settings or in preparation for reunion meetings.


Hello James,

Hope you're doing well. I'm really keen to catch up and hear all about your recent project.


8. Enthusiastic about our consultation

This synonym is another professional and polite alternative, suggesting a high level of interest and eagerness in the specific activity or meeting mentioned. It’s slightly more formal and focused on the content of the upcoming interaction.

Most appropriate for scenarios involving professional advice or consultancy, particularly with clients or external partners. This alternative is most effective in emails or formal letters directed at setting up consultative sessions.


Dear Mr. Thompson,

I am enthusiastic about our consultation tomorrow. Your insights will be crucial for our strategy development.


9. Optimistic about our future engagement

This phrase is formal, professional, and underscores a positive outlook toward future interactions. It’s a mature and considerate way of expressing anticipation, fitting for strategic discussions or long-term project engagements.

It is particularly suitable for communications that aim to establish or reaffirm commitment to ongoing collaboration. This phrase is most effective in emails or messages that address partners, stakeholders, or senior management.


Dear Partners,

As we move forward, I am optimistic about our future engagement and the successes it will bring to our joint venture.

With appreciation,

10. Hopeful for our forthcoming rendezvous

Adopting a slightly whimsical tone, this phrase remains professional and polite. It adds a layer of sophistication and anticipation for a scheduled meeting, particularly in creative or innovative environments.

This alternative is excellently suited for communications within industries that appreciate a more creative expression, such as the arts, fashion, or advertising. It’s particularly effective in emails that intend to schedule or remind about an upcoming meeting or collaboration.


Dear Creative Minds,

With our project deadline approaching, I am hopeful for our forthcoming rendezvous to finalize our plans.

Creatively Yours,

Final Thoughts

Using the right phrases in your professional communications is important for keeping things polite and appropriate. The alternatives provided in this article offer different tones and levels of formality, allowing you to match your message to the situation and your relationship with the recipient. By choosing your words carefully, you can convey excitement and professionalism at the same time.

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